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Tenth World Wilderness Congress (WILD10)

4-10 October 2013 | Salamanca, Spain
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The tenth World Wilderness Congress (WILD10) convened in Salamanca, Spain from 4-10 October 2013, with the theme “Make the World a Wilder Place.”

Held every 2-3 years, World Wilderness Congresses aim to develop innovative, intergenerational, practical solutions to meet the challenges of wilderness conservation. This collaborative conservation project brings together conservation groups, scientists, governments, community representatives, the private sector, artists, and other stakeholders to address conservation issues while recognizing the importance of culture, policy, science and resource management.

Preceded by the Intergovernmental Forum on Wilderness (2-3 October 2013), WILD10 consisted of two main sessions. The Global Gathering (4-6 October 2013) convened plenary sessions on solution-oriented approaches to conservation issues. The Global Forum (8-10 October 2013) consisted of concurrent meetings, workshops, symposia, capacity building activities and cultural events. WILD10 also included an expo tent featuring institutional, educational, artistic and commercial exhibits.
Photo courtesy of Kate Harris/IISD

The streets of Salamanca, Spain

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Highlights from 8-10 October 2013
The Indigenous Peoples' and Community Conserved Territories and Areas (ICCA) Consortium at WILD10
Sylvia Earle, National Geographic and Mission Blue
Staffan Widstrand (R), Wild Wonders of Europe, presents Vance Martin (L), Wild Foundation, with a gift of artwork.
Bittu Saghal, Sanctuary Asia and Project Tiger
The Boa Mistura mural in Salamanca, Spain, created during WILD10
Delegate from Earth
Delegates at WILD10 participate in a group wolf howl during the closing ceremonies.

Highlights for Sunday, 6 October 2013
Photo courtesy of Kate Harris/IISD

Youth delegates from six countries presented messages of inspiration
and hope at the closing of WILD10's Global Gathering.

George Monbiot, author and environmental journalist, makes a case for restoring megafauna--such as elephants and hippopotamus--to Europe.
H.E. Joaquim Alberto Chissano, President, Mozambique, described the development of peace parks in southern Africa.
Describing efforts to "rewild" tigers in China, Li Quan, China Tiger Revival, explained how tigers were taken to South Africa to learn to hunt wild prey.
Trevor Sandwith, Global Protected Areas Programme, IUCN, said the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 will build on WILD10’s messages, elevating the discussions to the global stage.

Highlights for Saturday, 5 October 2013
Photo courtesy of Boyd Norton/WILD
Creative Conservationist Asher Jay's "Message in a Bottle" exhibit, part of her project "Sea Speak Sphere"
Speakers on the morning panel "Indigenous and Community Lands And Seas (ICLS) — Working Together For Biocultural Resilience"
Young professionals from CoalitionWILD, a movement of people under 30 to create a wilder world
Elaine Hsiao, IUCN-WCPA Young Professionals
Courtnie Reeve, Wilderness Foundation, UK

Highlights for Friday, 4 October 2013
Photo courtesy of Boyd Norton/WILD
A sandstone building in the "Golden City" of Salamanca, Spain
Vance Martin, Wild Foundation
Opening ceremony speakers at WILD10's Global Gathering
Julie Cajune, Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, US, leads a traditional blessing
Tashka Yawanawa, Chief, Yawanawa Tribe, Brazil, sings a prayer song
Funding for coverage of WILD10 has been provided by The WILD Foundation
The WILD Foundation

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