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World Summit for Social Development
PrepCom for Copenhagen +5
New York, 3-14 April 2000

Highlights from Monday, 10 April

Working Groups I and II met throughout the day. Working Group II also held an evening session. Working Group I discussed Commitment 8 on promoting further initiatives too include social development in structural adjustment programmes, The Group discussed on, inter alia, reducing the need for structural adjustment, social impact assessment of adjustment programmes, and trade. Working Group II continued discussing Commitment 4, on promoting further initiatives for social integration. Delegates discussed paragraphs on, inter alia, voluntarism, the media, including the Internet, and taking measures against intolerance.

See below for a Progress Report of the PrepCom, including photos and RealAudio.

Photo: Ambassador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes, head of the Portuguese delegation and speaking for the European Union

During a briefing discussing progress of the PrepCom, Ambassador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes, Ambassador of Portugal to the European Union, said the negotiations were progressing at a steady pace. He identified priorities for the EU in the week ahead, namely references to sustainable development, strong partnerships, good governance and assistance to LDCs.


Progress Report on the PrepCom
During this PrepCom status report, organized by the International Council on Social Welfare, in conjunction with Europstep and Social Watch, participants heard progress reports from Ambassador Gonçalo Santa Clara Gomes, Ambassador of Portugal to the European Union, and Sonia Elliott, the First Secretary of the Permanent Mission of the Republic of Guyana


Jocelyn Dow, on behalf of the Women's Caucus, expressed concern that the gender aspects of poverty have been reduced in the document. She said there is a notion that Beijing +5 will address these issues and called for increased gender sensitivity in the document.

Julian Disney, President, International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW): stressed the importance of international governance and the role of the UN. He mentioned the ICSW-proposed Anti-Poverty Pact and said the PrepCom had the opportunity to get "real" and to make decisions about international action. Internet:: E-mail: [email protected]


Working Group I: Chair Maquieira consults with the G-77/China; the Russian Federation intervenes on the issue of structural adjustment

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