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World Summit for Social Development
PrepCom for Copenhagen +5
New York, 3-14 April 2000

Highlights from Tuesday, 11 April

In the afternoon, Working Group I finished an initial reading of Commitment 8, on structural adjustment programmes. In the evening, Working Group I began discussion on Commitment 9, on resource allocation. Working Group II debated Commitment 4, on social integration, in the morning. In the afternoon and evening, Working Group II addressed Commitment 5, on gender equality, and Commitment 6, on education.

See below for coverage of a side event on Debt, Poverty Eradication and the Copenhagen Commitments, including photos and RealAudio

Working Group I Chair Maquieira. Delegates considered the Chair's text on designing national policies for people living in poverty by incorporating social development and PSR goals. On improving coordination between international organizations, chair Maquieira said the issue of reducing negative SAP impacts be related to ECOSOC and Bretton Woods institutes and that improving social development be linked to the WTO.

Working Group I discusses Commitment 8 on structural adjustment
On improving coordination between international organizations, the EU proposed language on SAP integration of complementary social, economic, environmental and gender policies. Delegates agreed to EU language on exploring means of reducing negative effects and improving the positive impact of SAPs with a view to promoting social development objectives.

The US delegation reads the daily ENB during the morning session. Regarding the HIPC initiative, the US questioned SAP-HIPC links, preferring PSR debt relief under the HIPC and Paris Club initiatives. Delegates agreed to EU and US texts on preserving social capital and society's social fabric.

Delegates agreed to a G-77/China formulation to design economic policies for more equitable and enhanced access to income and resources to promote sustained economic growth and sustainable development. The Group also proposed text on considering the introduction of compensatory debt relief to countries implementing structural adjustment programmes.

Delegates from the G-77/China refer to Copenhagen language regarding the subparagraph on identifying social outlay needs and commensurate financing consistent with macroeconomic stability.
Chair Maquieira consults on text regarding structural adjustment with the Peter Lehmann Nielsen, Division for Social Policy and Development
The Holy See and Chair Maquieira

Debt, Poverty Eradication and the Copenhagen Commitments
This side event, sponsored by Social Watch, UNDP and UN NGLS. Panelists brought their experiences and perspectives drawn from the work of civil society organizations internationally and nationally in terms of grassroots organizations and advocacy work.

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