Highlights and images for 28 April 2017



On Friday, 28 April, delegates participated in site visits showcasing Chile's activities on clean air.
The visits included:

  • O’Higgins region to see results of a heat stove replacement programme
  • Loma Los Colorados landfill gas project
  • La Farfana, waste water treatment plant
  • Vehicle Certification and Control Centre, Ministry of Transport and Telecommunications
  • National Air Quality Analysis Centre, Ministry of Environment
  • San Cristobal hill

Photos by IISD/ENB | Ángeles Estrada and CCAC Secretariat
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O’ Higgins Region, Results Of Heatstoves Replacement Programme

The O’Higgins region tour was aimed at providing information on the stove replacement programme and showing the different types of heat stoves offered. Participants in this tour visited homes in the O'Higgins region that benefited from this replacement programme, providing a first-hand experience of how the program has improved quality of life of people in the region.









Loma Los Colorados, Landfill Gas Project

25 participants went to a landfill bio-gas plant at Loma Los Colorados. The 80 hectare site captures methane from decomposing organic waste and transforms it into electricity. The plant produces 150 gigawattshour of electricity a year.

La Farfana, Waste Water Treatment Plant

San Cristobal Hill

Smog over Santiago can be overserved from San Cristobal Hill