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Highlights for Monday, 20 May 2019

The room during the event

Global Pact for the Environment OEWG-3 The third and final substantive session of the Ad Hoc Open-ended Working Group (OEWG) established by the United Nations General Assembly resolution 72/277 (“Towards a Global Pact for the Environment”) convened in plenary in the morning and afternoon, before breaking out for informal discussions. In plenary, delegates were invited to respond to a non-paper prepared by Co-Chairs Amal Mudallali, Lebanon, and Francisco António Duarte Lopes, Portugal, which had been circulated in April. The non-paper has three sections:
1. Elements related to the objectives informing the recommendations of the OEWG;

2. Elements related to the substantive recommendations of the OEWG; and

3. Elements related to the process.
Differences mainly emerged in response to "Elements related to the process", including references to “the adoption of an international instrument at a high-level UN conference”, establishing a “preparatory committee” ahead of the 73rd session of the UNGA in 2020, a timeline, and open “negotiations.” In mid-afternoon, having noted the wide range of opinions, including assertions that no consensus exists on a new international instrument, whether binding or non-binding, the Co-Chairs mandated two delegates, Elizabeth Taylor, Colombia, and Solveig Crompton, Norway, to co-facilitate informal discussions on section three of the non-paper. Delegations welcomed the informal setting for discussions, with some noting that the format had come late in the process; and took the opportunity to detail the rationale behind their positions on the merits of the section. The Co-Chairs also undertook to prepare a “zero text” for Tuesday on sections one and two. To read the Co-Chairs’ non-paper, please click here.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Natalia Mroz

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Elizabeth Mrema, Director, Law Division, UNEP
Co-Chair Amal Mudallali, Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Lebanon
Video message from María Fernanda Espinosa, President of the General Assembly
Jamil Ahmad, Director, New York Office, UNEP

Co-Chair Francisco António Duarte Lopes, Permanent Representative of Portugal
A delegate takes a photo of the dias.
A delegate takes notes.
Kathryn Youel Page, United States
Dimitry Maksimychev, Russian Federation
Troy Torrington, Guyana
Meriem El Hilali, Morocco
Kevin Khng, Singapore
Delegates from the Democratic Republic of the Congo during the session
Delegates confer during the session.
Fernando Coimbra, Brazil

The room during the meeting
A delegate examines event materials
Delegates discuss during the break
Shanchita Haque, Bangladesh
Elizabeth Taylor Jay, Colombia
Raoul Renard, International Chamber of Commerce
Alexandra Lutz, CliMates
Side event on the Montevideo Programme for the development and periodic review of environmental law, hosted by the US and Uruguay

The panel during the side event
Fazeela Ahmed Shaheem, Maldives
Delegates listen to the presentation.
Informal evening break out session, moderated by Finland and Colombia

The room during the session
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