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CFS 44
On Tuesday morning, CFS 44 launched the report of the High-level Panel of Experts (HLPE) on Nutrition and Food Systems and discussed follow up to the second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2).

Jessica Fanzo, HLPE Project Team Leader, outlined the HLPE Report’s findings and recommendations, highlighting barriers to improving nutrition, including failure to recognize the right to adequate food, imbalance of power across food systems, and inability to mitigate conflicts of interest. Patrick Caron, Chair of the HLPE, underlined physical and economic access to healthy and sustainable diets, and improving consumer information and education. Participants endorsed the Report’s recommendations as a starting point for developing policy convergence.

On ICN 2 follow up, Chizuru Nishida, World Health Organization (WHO), explained that implementation requires integrating nutrition objectives in intersectoral policies and policy coherence.

In the afternoon, participants shared good practices and lessons learned for improved nutrition in an interactive panel session. Katerina Eriksson, Tetra Laval, said her company is creating a secure market to enable subsistence milk producers to grow their production. Lister Katsvairo, HarvestPlus, outlined the use of biofortification to improve local crops using disease and drought resistant, nutrient rich seeds. Lorena Rodriguez, Chile, described her country’s approach, including enhancing food labeling transparency and applying taxes on food with high sugar content. Zafar Hasan, Pakistan, discussed his country’s food system model which provides food subsidies for specialized nutritious foods based on poverty levels. Salvatore Basile, International Network of Eco-Regions (INNER), highlighted an organic farming initiative harnessing local multi-level governance. Elizabeth Mpofu, Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers Forum, emphasized the importance of local agroecology.

IISD Reporting Services, through its ENB+ Meeting Coverage, has provided daily web updates from CFS 44. In addition, IISD Reporting Services has published a summary report of CFS 44 which is available in HTML and PDF.

Launch of HLPE Report on Nutrition and Food Systems

Jessica Fanzo, HLPE Project Team Leader  ©FAO

Patrick Caron, HLPE Chair  ©FAO

View of the dais during the discussion on the HLPE report on Nutrition and Food Systems. L-R: Jessica Fanzo, HLPE Project Team Leader; Patrick Caron, HLPE Chair; Amira Gornass, CFS Chair.  ©FAO

Update on INC Reporting and Advancing Nutrition including the Decade of Action on Nutrition

Anna Lartey, Director, Nutrition and Food Systems Division, FAO

Chiruzu Nishida, WHO  ©FAO

A representative of the Civil Society Mechanism waiting to speak.  ©FAO

Representatives of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (UNPFII) during the discussion of the HLPE Report on Nutrition and Food Systems.  ©FAO

Good Practices and Lesson Sharing for Improved Nutrition

Zafar Hasan, Ministry of Planning Development and Reform, Pakistan and Focal Point for the Scaling Up Nutrition Initiative (SUN)  ©FAO

Salvatore Basile, International Network of Eco-Regions (INNER)  ©FAO

Lorena Rodriguez, Head of the Department of Food and Nutrition, Ministry of Health, Chile  ©FAO

Elizabeth Mpofu, Zimbabwe Smallholder Organic Farmers Forum (ZIMSOFF)  ©FAO

Lister Katsvairo, Head, Africa Region Partnership Countries, HarvestPlus  ©FAO

 Katarina Eriksson, Food for Development Office, Tetra Laval  ©FAO

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