Highlights and images for 1 October 2018

Russian Federation


Delegates gather for the start of CITES SC 70

CITES SC70 On Monday, Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Russian Federation, welcomed participants to the 70th meeting of the Standing Committee (SC) of Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in Sochi, noting, inter alia, the Russian Federation’s efforts in expanding protection of special habitats for polar bears, tigers and other species. SC Chair Carolina Caceres noted the packed agenda, emphasizing optimism in considering the many detailed and technical documents in a timely manner. She highlighted the opportunity she had to review candidates for the CITES Secretary-General position and noted that the decision will be made by the UN Secretary-General. She also noted that for the first time the SC would have two evening sessions. The SC also discussed:

  • financial matters, recognizing that the core trust fund is on track to deliver within approved budgets, but noted the delay of parties in paying annual contributions, emphasizing that this will have a negative impact on the Secretariat’s ability to fund daily operations;
  • Lao PDR’s progress in the compliance with the Convention and a recommendation to “keep the momentum” by suspending commercial trade in specimens of the genus Dalbergia spp. until Lao PDR makes scientifically based non-detriment findings for trade in the relevant species; and
  • the National Ivory Action Plans (NIAPs) process.

Several working groups were struck, including on Rules of Procedure for the CoP, NIAPs, and Purpose Codes.

IISD Reporting Services, through its Earth Negotiations Bulletin (ENB) Meeting Coverage, provided daily web coverage and a summary and analysis report from the 70th Meeting of the CITES Standing Committee.


Photos by IISD/ENB | Kiara Worth

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Opening and Morning Plenaryhttps://enb.iisd.org/attribution-guidelines
View of the dais during the opening session
Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Russian Federation
 Carolina Caceres, Standing Committee (SC) Chair, Canada
Delegates during the opening session
 Zhongze Wu, China
Christine Dawson, US
Sevvandi Jayakody, Sri Lanka
 Øystein Størkersen, Norway
 Mamadou Alpha Kane, UNEP
Paul Murphy, Australia, raises his placard to speak
 Abba Sonko, Senegal
 João Loureiro, Portugal
 Patrick Omondi, Kenya
Juan Carlos Guzmán and Jessica Maria Gálvez-Durand Besnard, Peru
Afternoon Plenary
View of the room during the afternoon session
Tadashi Sato, Japan
Levente Kőrösi, Hungary
Debbie Banks, speaking on behalf of the Environmental Investigation Agency UK (EIA-UK) and Center for International Environmental Law (CIEL)
Sousath Saya Koummane, Lao People's Democratic Republic
Sarah Bagnall, New Zealand
Parties raise their placards to join various working groups
Bill Clark, Israel
Samaila Sahailou, Niger
A delegate from the EU
Paul De Ornellas, speaking on behalf of the Zoological Society of London, World Wildlife Fund (WWF), EIA-UK, and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS)
Charles Tumwesigye, Uganda
Somkiat Soontornpitakkool, Thailand
Observer groups raise their placards to join working groups
Evening Welcome Ceremony
Delegates attend a welcome ceremony held in the evening
Traditional Russian songs are performed
Around the Venue
Delegates gather in the plenary hall for the start of the meeting
Dmitry Kobylkin, Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment, Russian Federation, speaks with Carolina Caceres, SC Chair, Canada
Delegates from Chile
Delegates review a document

Delegates speak informally

Carolina Caceres, SC Chair, Canada

Materials on display around the venue

Photographs of Russian flora decorate the walls of the venue



Negotiating blocs
European Union