Highlights and images for 7 December 2016



IISD Reporting Services - COP 2016
On Wednesday, WG I had morning, afternoon and evening sessions to discuss: the financial mechanism under the Convention and its Protocols; capacity building under the Convention and its Protocols; awareness raising under the Nagoya Protocol; public awareness, education and participation under the Cartagena Protocol; the Biosafety Clearing-House (BCH); the ABS Clearing-House; modus operandi under the Convention and its Protocols; integration among the Convention and its Protocols; and cooperation with other conventions and organizations. WG II addressed items related to Article 8(j) (traditional knowledge), the sixth national reports, the Global Biodiversity Outlook (GBO) and indicators.

The budget group met in the morning. Contact groups on ecologically or biologically sensitive marine areas (EBSAs) and synthetic biology met in the evening. Friends of the Chair groups addressed invasive alien species and resource mobilization.

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Photos by IISD/ENB | Francis Dejon
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Working Group I

WG I dais

Fuatino Leota, Samoa

Raed Bani Hani, Jordan

Yang Wang, China

Walter Regueiro, Uruguay

Francis Ogwal, Uganda

Midhath Rasheed, Maldives

Belal Al-Hayek
, Syria

Jafar Barmaki, Iran

Jones Muleso Kharika, South Africa

Working Group II

L-R: Lisa Janishevski, CBD Secretariat; WG II Chair Malta Qwathekana;
and John Scott, CBD Secretariat

Dodé Heim Myline Houehounha
, Benin

Stephanie Aktipis, US

Parkinson Ndonye, Kenya

Anne Daniel, Canada

Lucy Mulenkei, Indigenous Information Network

Helen Tunnah, New Zealand

Boukar Attari, Niger

Li Yanxia, International Network for Bamboo and Rattan (INBAR)

Azmi Nordin, Malaysia

Jennifer Corpuz, the Philippines

Roxana Solis, Peru

Akhileshwar Karna, Nepal

L-R: Mayra Sagui, Gloria Marina Apén Gonzalez, and Zonia Zacarias, Guatemala

L-R: Victoria Romero, IUCN and Harry Jonas, IUCN/Natural Justice

Contact Groups

Contact group on EBSAs

Contact group on synthetic biology

COP 13 Snapshots

Moon Palace Arena, venue of the CBD COP 13

L-R: Mohamed Abdel-Warith, Hamdallah Zedan, Dalia Abdel-Salam, and
Mahmoud Fawzy, Egypt

Brazilian delegation booth at COP 13

L-R: Pei Fern and Gurdial Singh, Malaysia,
with Li Ching Lim and Li Lin Lim
, Third World Network (TWN)

CBD Secretariat staff

Stained glass ceiling at the Moon Palace Hotel

L-R: Alexander Shestakov, the Russian Federation
with David Cooper, Deputy Executive Secretary, CBD

L-R: Alejandro Lago, UNDP and Tim Hodges, McGill University, Canada

L-R: Grace Rodulfo, Anthony Foronda, Pamela Reblora, and Corazon de Jesus, ACB

Planters from recycled tin cans