Draft Platform for Action
D. Violence against women
Strategic objective D.2. Study the causes of violence against women and effective methods of prevention strategies

Actions to be taken

130. By Governments, regional organizations, the United Nations, other international organizations, research institutions, women's and youth organizations and non-governmental organizations, as appropriate:

(a) Promote research, collect data and compile statistics, especially concerning domestic violence relating to the prevalence of different forms of violence against women and encourage research into the causes, nature, seriousness and consequences of violence against women and the effectiveness of measures implemented to prevent and redress violence against women [in their social, economic, cultural and political context];

(b) Disseminate findings of research and studies widely;

(c) Support and initiate research on the impact of violence, such as rape, on women and girl children, and make the resulting information and statistics available to the public;

(d) Encourage the media to examine the impact of gender role stereotypes, including those perpetuated by commercial advertisements [which foster] gender-based violence and inequalities, and how they are transmitted during the life cycle and take measures to eliminate these negative images with a view to promoting a violence-free society.

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