16.16. Regional commissions, organizations of the United Nations system functioning at the regional level, and other relevant subregional and regional organizations should play an active role within their mandates regarding the implementation of this Programme of Action, through subregional and regional initiatives on population and development. Such action should be coordinated among the organizations concerned at the subregional and regional levels, with a view to ensuring efficient and effective action in addressing specific population and development issues relevant to the regions concerned, as appropriate.

16.17. At the subregional and regional levels:

(a) Governments in the subregions and regions and relevant organizations are invited, where appropriate, to reinforce existing follow-up mechanisms, including meetings for the follow-up of regional declarations on population and development issues;

(b) Multidisciplinary expertise should, where necessary, be utilized to play a key role in the implementation and follow-up of the Programme of Action;

(c) Cooperation in the critical areas of capacity-building, the sharing and exchange of information and experiences, know-how and technical expertise should be strengthened with the appropriate assistance of the international community, taking into account the need for a partnership with non- governmental organizations and other major groups, in the implementation and follow-up of the Programme of Action at the regional level;

(d) Governments should ensure that training and research in population and development issues at the tertiary level are strengthened, and that research findings and implications are widely disseminated.

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