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5th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies for Scientific,Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the Convention on Biodiversity (CBD).

Montréal, CANADA
31 January - 04 February 2000


Friday 04 February :

On Thursday 03 February, delegates met in two Working Groups.  Working Group One concluded discussions on marine and coastal biodiversity, and reviewed draft recommendations on alien species and agricultural biodiversity. Working Group Two addressed draft recommendations on indicators and the ecosystem approach.  Plenary convened in the afternoon to discuss draft recommendations on the Global Taxonomy Initiative (see our side event coverage below), inland waters biodiversity, and national reports and draft recommendations Co-operation with Other Bodies and the Clearing House Mechanism were adopted.

^ the document centre handling SBSTTA-5 papers this week.

Side Events:

BioNET International : Global Network for Taxonomy

Dr. Nicholas King [right] of BioNET International describes in this interview how BioNET is a global network focussed on capacity-building in taxonomy. In the post-Earth Summit years, growth in demand for ecological and biodiversity assessments, limited taxonomic services and high costs meant that many developing countries (where highest concentrations of biodiversity are located) were often left without adequate or affordable taxonomic identification services.

BioNET has been filling this gap by creating regional networks of horizontal collaboration, each with their own self-determined agendas and priorities, building-capacity in international taxonomic services through training and education fellowships, facilitating information and communications (both electronic and other), producing taxonomic tools on CD-ROM, considering traditional and indigenous knowledge, and encouraging self-sustainability.

With respect to the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI), BioNET's 4 years as a learning-project has served as a de facto precursor to the type of structure currently described at SBSTTA-5.  In the report, prepared by UNESCO, Diversitas, and WWF International, called "Mechanisms for management of the GTI, with a consideration on inclusion of traditional and indigenous knowledge perspectives on current taxonomic systems" BioNET's seven existing regional (geo-political) networks are recommended to be used as a model upon which to expand and enhance.

More information is available at BioNET International's website : [http://www.bionet-intl.org/].

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