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The fourth Meeting of the Parties (MOP-4) to the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds

15-19 September 2008, in Antananarivo, Madagascar

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Highlights for Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Discussions continued today in plenary. Delegates addressed: the establishment of an International Review Panel; reports of the Technical and Standing Committees, the Depositary and the Secretariat; and the International Implementation Priorities 2006-2008.

They also discussed: the Wings over Wetlands project; the Communication Strategy; World Migratory Birds Day; the Draft Strategic Plan and enhanced national report format for online reporting; and financial and administrative matters.

In the early evening, working groups were established on technical matters and on financial and administrative matters. These working groups, however, met in a joint session throughout the evening, discussing: the Draft Strategic Plan and enhanced national report format for online reporting; phasing out lead shot for hunting in wetlands; and hunting and trade legislation.

From left to right: Sergey Dereliev, AEWA Secretariat; Bert Lenten, AEWA Executive Secretary; Vice-Chair Abdoulaye N'Diaye, Senegal; Vice-Chair Olivier Biber, Switzerland; Tim Jones, report writer.

Guy-Noël Olivier, OMPO, stressed the need to look for all potential means of funding, including from private sources. Jérôme Mokoko Dit Ikonga, Republic of Congo, identified language barriers and resulting participation challenges for francophone range states. John O'Sullivan, BirdLife International, called for increased funding for meetings, given the challenges of corresponding via email.

Morning discussions took place in plenary, before two working groups were established to discuss technical matters and financial and administrative matters, respectively.

Bert Lenten, AEWA Executive Secretary, introduced the Secretariat's report, highlighting the Secretariat’s institutional structure and various projects.

Jean Gerard Mezui M'Ella, on behalf of the African Union, urged AEWA to collaborate with other institutions. Ward Hagemeijer, Wetlands International, described the activities of the Wings over Wetlands project, emphasizing its focus on exchanging best practice strategies for flyway and waterbird protection. M'ella Bourama Nigate, Mali, inquired about support for national implementation.

Participants continued their discussions in the corridors.

Florian Keil, AEWA Secretariat, presented the report on the implementation of the Communication Strategy.

Information displays in the hallway of the conference venue.

A Malagasy boy at a coal shop in Antananarivo. "....come closer, yes, just a little closer...." A huge tortoise looking hungry at the photographer in the Tsimbazaza Zoo of Antananarivo.


Daily Web Coverage

15 September | 16 September | 17 September | 18 September | 19 September


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