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Web Coverage/Summary
Web Coverage/Summary - IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS) has produced daily web coverage and a summary report from this workshop. To download our repot, please click below on the HTML or PDF icons.
Summary Report   Summary
6 September   HTML version PDF format
Workshop on Forest Governance, Decentralization and REDD+ in Latin America and the Caribbean: A Country-led Initiative in Support of the UN Forum on Forests (UNFF)

31 August - 3 September 2010 | Oaxaca, Mexico

On Thursday, participants of the Oaxaca Workshop continued discussing forest governance and REDD+ in plenary and roundtable sessions. In the morning, they heard presentations on landscape change, forests management and REDD+, and on forest finance and finance for REDD+. In the afternoon, participants took part in roundtable sessions to discuss the issues presented in the morning plenary.

Participants during the roundtables.
Daily web coverage
31 Aug.- 1 Sep .- 2 Sep.- 3 Sep.

Theme 2: Landscape Change, Forest Management and REDD+

Bastiaan Louman, Centre for Tropical Agricultural Research and Teaching (CATIE), spoke on drivers of deforestation and sustainable forest management (SFM).
Pablo Pacheco, Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR), described the trends of landscape transformation in three Latin American countries.
Robert Nasi, CIFOR, presented on SFM, biodiversity and carbon to assess whether there is a case for REDD+.
Esteve Corbera, University of East Anglia

Sergio Madrid, Mexican Civil Council for Sustainable Silviculture (CCMSS)

Francisco Pozo, Chile
Robert Nasi, CIFOR and Pablo Pacheco, CIFOR

Theme 3: Forest Finance And Finance For REDD+

Gisela Ulloa, SUNIA, Bolivia
Herman Savenije, Tropenbos International, said that formal financing instruments are diverse but their suitability and access to forest peoples is often limited.
Louis Verchot, CIFOR, noted that REDD+ projects may need to seek certification from more than one standard to ensure coverage of several important issues.
Juán José Patiño, Guatemala
José Carlos Fernández Ugalde, National Forestry Commission (CONAFOR), said the Interim REDD+ Partnership aims to coordinate finance, ensure consistency of methodologies, and promote learning and integration of strategies.
Juán Carlos Jintiach, International Economic Cooperation and Autonomous Indigenous Development, Ecuador

Reports from the field trips

María de Jesús Ordóñez Díaz, National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM)
Gabriela Lozada, United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Kjell Kühne, Germany



Roundtable 3: Landscape Change, Forest Management and REDD+


This session was moderated by Enrique Provencio, Interdisciplinary Center for Biodiversity and Environment (CIBA). Participants then discussed the following themes: policy options for balancing development challenges, forest conservation and poverty alleviation in the context of REDD+; governance challenges at various scales associated with addressing drivers of deforestation; and policies needed for SFM to fulfill its promise and combine development with long-term emission reductions.

Enrique Provencio, CIBA, Verania Chao Rebolledo, UNDP, David Bray, Florida International University, and Santiago Enriquez, USAID
Enrique Provencio, CIBA

Roundtable 4: Forest Finance and Finance For REDD+: Under What Conditions Can They Work For Forests And People?


This session was moderated by Keith Anderson, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment. Presentations reviewed REDD+ -related activities of the Forest Carbon Partnership Facility, the UN-REDD Programme, and the Forest Investment. Participants were asked to discuss the following: national rules for participation in REDD+ that ensure transparent and accountable financial mechanisms; benefit distribution and the possibility of criteria for distribution; processes enabling governments to streamline REDD+ demonstration projects and ensuring that relevant actors contribute to their design; lessons learned from existing intergovernmental fiscal transfer mechanisms that can be applied to guiding efficient REDD+ benefit-sharing mechanisms; and additional fiscal policy reforms needed to ensure REDD+ financing is effective and not subject to perverse incentives.

Yemi Katerere, UN-REDD Programme
Keith Anderson, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment
Stephanie Tam, World Bank
Raymond Landveld, Suriname
Participants during the roundtables.

Report Back on Roundtables

Pablo Pacheco, CIFOR, Santiago Enriquez, USAID, Keith Anderson, Swiss Federal Office for the Environment, and Ivan Zúñiga Pérez-Tejada, CCMSS
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