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Third Conference of the Parties to the
Convention to Combat Desertification

Recife, Brazil; 15-26 November, 1999

Coverage for Friday, 19 November
GEF: Workshop on the GEF's land degradation paper
This GEF-sponsored workshop focused on a GEF paper "Clarifying linkages between land degradation and the GEF focal areas: an action plan for enhancing GEF support" The paper, which will be presented to the GEF council, documents the threats and consequences posed by land degradation to the global environment; clarifies the context and rationale of GEF activities supporting the prevention and control of land degradation; sets out linkages between land degradation and GEF focal areas (biodiversity, climate change, international waters) and the scope of the scope of GEF interventions; and identifies challenges to the development and implementation of GEF supported activities in land degradation. The paper also presents an action plan for addressing the challenges and enhancing GEF support. The workshop was moderated by Hutton Archer, GEF. Panelists included Paola Rossi, Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), who presented a report of the STAP Expert Group Workshop on Land Degradation Interlinkages held in Bologna, Italy, 14-16 June, Colin Rees, International Waters and Biodiversity, GEF, and Walter Luisigi, GEF.
Seated from left to right: Paola Rossi, Scientific and Technical Advisory Panel (STAP), Hutton Archer, GEF, Colin Rees, International Waters and Biodiversity, GEF, and Walter Luisigi, GEF
Hutton Archer, GEF, highlighted the debate over whether to add a fifth focal area of land degradation to the GEF focal points. He used an apple to illustrate that land degradation already has three entry points to GEF funding (through biodiversity, climate and international waters) and that if a fifth were added, there would not be more funds flowing through the GEF to land degradation..

Walter Lusigi, GEF

Paola Rossi, STAP

Saving the Drylands: Workshop on Success Stories in desertification control
UNEP convened this workshop on success stories in desertification control in the context of promoting sustainable natural resource management by local communities in the drylands. The workshop addressed achievements, constraints and lessons learned. Presentations were made by success story award-winning project representatives from Asia, Africa and Latin America. Opening remarks were made by RIOD Coordinators

For more information on success stories or to request reports contact elizabeth.migongo-bake@unep.org

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