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First Session of the Committee for the Review
of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC1)

Rome, Italy | 11 - 22 November 2002

Monday 18 |

Delegates to CRIC-1 met in morning and afternoon sessions to begin the wrap up sessions for the Africa and Asia regions.


African wrap-up

During the discussion on the African wrap-up, delegates raised several matters, including:
improving consultative mechanism at the national level;
learning and applying lessons from other countries consultative processes;
building capacity to access GEF funding, designing GEF eligible projects, and developing investment projects that are complementary to the incremental funding of the GEF;
cooperating in joint evaluation measures and the development of country profiles;
supporting NGO involvement, capacity-building, the use of traditional knowledge, and addressing the roles of women and youth;
developing effective indicators to measure progress in public participation;
developing and evaluating pilot activities in relation to incentives and disincentives;
addressing the lack of national level coordination mechanisms;
focusing on legal frameworks at the national level;
strengthening the role of the CST in justifying resource allocations;
prioritizing desertification within the national ministries of finance;
� avoiding duplication between resource mobilization activities of the CCD Secretariat and the GM;
� evaluating the GM�s mandate at COP-6;
� making more effective use of the CST�s recommendations;
� defining the review of the work of the CST at COP-6,
� incorporating technical expert reviews and addressing the role of civil society experts in the CST;
� advocating the use of diversified sources of renewable energy; and
� focusing on the development of socioeconomic indicators.


Asian �wrap-up�

Following the �wrap-up� of Asian presentations, participants raised several issues, including:
� identifying how land tenure systems can facilitate the inclusion of women in combating desertification;
� increasing awareness of the CCD in government bodies;
� streamlining the bilateral system of providing support to affected developing country Parties;
� recognizing Pacific small island States in the Asian Annex to the CCD;
� addressing the practical field experience, difficulties and opportunities in the implementation of TPNs;
� evaluating the performance of TPNs;
� sharing experiences and lessons from domestic resource mobilization initiatives;
� developing training programmes to provide qualified staff for CCD implementation at the regional and national levels;
� creating a balance between process, planning and results in relation to economic and environmental and between socioeconomic and biophysical issues;
� the broadening of TPN-4 to promote water use efficiency for non-agricultural purposes;
� the formulation of an expert group on ecosystem oriented land-use control;
� addressing the impacts of NAPs on human health and food security issues; and
� increasing cooperation with the health sector, by focusing on adaptation and priority prevention measures in high risk countries.


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