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1. Research, monitoring and data collection:

There was consensus on the need for improved monitoring and data collection on drought and desertification. Italy, Austria, Finland, Poland and IGADD stated that an essential objective of the Convention should be to coordinate information and data collection and exchange and related programmes. Japan, Morocco, the WMO and UNSO called for support for the effective international monitoring and assessment of data. The WMO also called for better use of hydrological and meteorological data on water resources as well as the establishment of mechanisms for monitoring, assessment, information dissemination, research and technology development. Egypt, supported by Israel, called for a monitoring network based on ecological zoning. Peru also called for ecological monitoring. The UK warned that data collection should not become an end unto itself. Argentina called for more funding for applied research and studies of farming practices. Iraq proposed the introduction of regional advisory centres that would carry out studies related to desertification. Algeria, Uzbekistan and Cameroon called for the establishment of an early warning system.