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BUREAU: The Bureau will meet today at 10:00 am. Items for discussion may include the development of a document outlining the work programme for the session to be presented to delegates later in the day. Kjell‚n will most likely present the results of intersessional consultations on the negotiating timetable for regional instruments.

PLENARY: The first meeting of this session is scheduled for 3:00 pm. Opening remarks are expected from both INCD Chair Bo Kjell‚n and INCD Executive Secretary Arba Diallo. Diallo may take this opportunity to introduce A/AC.241/12, "Compilation of government views, statements and drafting proposals." A number of Ministers present are expected to make statements including: Maria Helena Semedo, Minister of Fisheries, Agriculture and Rural Development (Cape Verde); Mahamed Ag Erlaf, Minister of the Environment (Mali); Anatole Gomtirbou Tiendrebeogo, Minister of Environment and Tourism (Burkina Faso); Eustache Sarre, Minister of Environment, Housing and Urban Development (Benin); S. Kairulloyev, Minister of the Environment (Tajikistan); and the Deputy Minister of the Environment of Kazakhstan. It is possible that UNDP Administrator Gus Speth will speak.

The first item to be considered by the Plenary will be the adoption of the provisional agenda (A/AC.241/11). The Plenary is expected to elect a representative from the Russian Federation, as nominated by the Eastern European group, to the remaining vacancy in the working groups bureaus.

The Plenary will then address the organization of work for the session and the unfinished business left from the last night of the first session. These include the mandate of the two working groups and the schedule for the negotiation of regional instruments. The Chair should present either the draft resolution transmitted to this session from the last night in Nairobi on the mandate of the working groups (A/AC.241/L.10/Rev.1) or a revision, together with a draft programme of work in the form of a decision document, depending on the result of the Chair's intersessional consultations. If a decision can be reached on the mandates of the working groups and the programme of work, a decision on the modalities for the negotiation of similar regional instruments will probably be deferred until next week, following additional informal consultations. Look for the possibility of a proposal for an additional working group to expedite negotiations on the regional annexes/protocols.

The Committee is then expected to begin the general debate, which is scheduled to continue through Tuesday morning.

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