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Responsibility for elaborating the Convention has been given to the two working groups and at the Geneva session the working groups based their discussions on the compilation document prepared by the Secretariat (A/AC.241/12). This document compiled proposals for the text of the convention as submitted by governments as well as those made during the Committee's first substantive session in Nairobi. Working Group I, chaired by Ahmed Djoghlaf (Algeria), was responsible for the sections on the preamble; principles; objectives; structure and nature of commitments; national action programmes; regional action programmes; capacity building; education and public awareness; financial resources and mechanisms; and coordination and cooperation. Working Group II, chaired by Anne de Lattre (France), examined the sections on definitions; technology transfer and cooperation; research and development; information collection, analysis and exchange; institutions; regional instruments; and procedures and final clauses.

To facilitate greater understanding of the emerging nature of the Convention, the following will summarize the discussions of the Convention in the order in which each section will appear in the final Convention.