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Informal Negotiating Group II, chaired by Arthur Campeau of Canada, considered the draft decision prepared by CSD Chair Razali, "Initial Financial Commitments, financial flows and arrangements to give effect to the decisions of UNCED from all available funding sources and mechanisms." Many delegations had not see this document, which had been circulated earlier in the day.

The document's preambular paragraphs mention a concern that UNCED funding falls significantly short of expectations and that lack of financial resources are the major constraint to Agenda 21 implementation. It invites countries that provide information to OECD to consider redesigning data classification so that it fits with specific Agenda 21 clusters. The document invites the Secretariat to organize consultative processes for: monitoring and assessment of financial resources for the clusters; monitoring aspects that determine financial flows; and assisting the CSD to develop a policy framework for mobilizing resources for Agenda 21. It outlines information that governments would be invited to provide regarding the financial aspects of Agenda 21 and requests the various financial institutions to report on their implementation activities. The draft recommends GEF replenishment and restructuring. Finally, it invites governing bodies of UN agencies and programmes to ensure that funds go to implementing Agenda 21.

Colombia, on behalf of the G-77, proposed that this meeting should be used for a general exchange of ideas on the draft. Germany suggested that the best use of time would be to adjourn and hold regional discussions. The Russian Federation proposed that the preambular paragraphs could be discussed. Lacking consensus on a way to proceed, Campeau adjourned the meeting early to allow the regional groups to discuss the document.

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