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The NGO Steering Committee for the ICPD has been busy working on two fronts: preparation for PrepCom III and preparation for the NGO Forum, which will run concurrently with the 1994 Conference in Cairo. With regard to PrepCom III preparations, the Steering Committee has recently sent out a copy of the Secretariat's annotated outline for the final document to all of the NGOs on its database. This will enable NGOs to read the outline and submit their comments to the Secretariat by the end of November. The Steering Committee is also working to ensure that all interested NGOs receive copies of the PrepCom III documentation as soon as it becomes available.

The NGO Steering Committee recently completed a trip to Cairo to make plans for the NGO Forum. The Forum will be held in the Indoor Sports Stadium, which is close to the Cairo International Conference Centre where the ICPD will be held. So far, over 200 NGOs have written to the Steering Committee with programme ideas that they would like to see or present in Cairo. Actual on-the-ground Cairo plans are still being developed and will be discussed by Steering Committee members and staff during a visit to Cairo in early 1994. The NGO Steering Committee will be issuing a report with information on transport, accommodations, and visas.