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WORKING GROUP I: The Chair of Working Group I hopes to begin a second reading of Chapter XII (Technology, Research and Development) in the morning and Chapter XV (Partnership with the Non-Governmental Sector) in the afternoon. However, since the revised text of these two chapters will not be distributed until this morning, it is likely that some delegations will request time to review the revised text. Look for a potentially long discussion on procedure and a possible postponement of the second reading until this afternoon or Wednesday.

WORKING GROUP II: Working Group II will not meet today, enabling delegates to review the revised version of Chapter IV (Gender Equity and Empowerment of Women). The Bureau will also hold informal consultations with key delegations on the other chapters under Working Group II's mandate. The tentative schedule for the second reading is: Wednesday -- Chapters IV and V (The Family, its Roles, Composition and Structure); Thursday -- Chapters VI (Population Growth and Structure) and IX (Population Distribution, Urbanization and Internal Migration); and Friday -- Chapters VII (Reproductive Rights, Reproductive Health and Family Planning) and VIII (Health and Mortality).

IN THE CORRIDORS: Look for delegates in the corridors to be discussing the various options for institutional follow-up to the Conference. The EU recommends the creation of a separate Executive Board of UNFPA. Both the EU and the G-77 believe that the General Assembly and ECOSOC have a major role to play. "Other" countries not included in these two regional groups (US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Finland and others) may also be meeting to develop their own joint position.

MEDIA BRIEFING: EarthAction will host an informal press briefing on the state-of-play of the negotiations at 11:00 am in the UN Church Center Chapel at 777 UN Plaza.

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