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There has been frantic activity Conference Room 2 as NGOs draft amendments to the G-77 paper being discussed by the PrepCom. NGOs from SIDS have been allowed to attend AOSIS meetings, but generally feel that the paper is too weak on human resource issues. As one NGO put it, there is not enough talk of people. Late in the afternoon, NGOs circulated proposed amendments that included: supporting SIDS affected by drought and desertification; strengthening the Climate Change Convention to include legally-binding commitments; establishing vulnerability indices for ecosystems, habitats and communities; referring to subsistence fishermen and women; increasing land use accessibility; adopting energy efficiency guidelines for transport systems; and involving local populations in ecotourism planning.

Some NGOs and delegates are concerned that the role of NGOs and major groups is not treated adequately in the G-77 paper. While NGOs are seeking to strengthen language throughout the paper, many wish to strengthen and build upon references in Chapter XV on implementation, monitoring and review.