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The PrepCom will meet in formal session at 10:00 am today in the Trusteeship Council Chamber to introduce document A/CONF.167/PC/L.5, Position of the Group of 77 and China on Basic Elements for an Action Programme for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States. This document is the formal version of the AOSIS/G-77 text introduced informally last week.

The Chair is then expected to convene an informal session where the revised text of AOSIS/G-77, prepared last night, will be introduced. This text should form the basis for negotiation. However, as non-G-77 delegates will not have seen the paper in advance, it is likely that the Chair will again adjourn the session to allow time for regional groups to meet and delegates to consult with their capitals. The Chair may also decide to embark on a reading of the text ad referenda, pending the result of these consultations as time is now at a premium.

The Secretariat has made arrangements for the use of Conference Room 8, if the Chair should desire, for the afternoon session. Chances are good that discussions will continue in the Trusteeship Council Chamber due to the limited seating capacity in Room 8.