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Focusing on the means of implementation for most of the activities in the fourteen previous chapters, this chapter addresses issues of finance, trade, transfer of environmentally sound technologies for cooperation and capacity building, environmental legislation and training, and institutional arrangements.

This chapter is at a less advanced stage of negotiation and still has many highly contentious issues in brackets. These include: national reporting by SIDS on progress in implementing the outcomes of Barbados; the need for more detailed paragraphs within the national implementation section in order to better balance the three sections (national, regional and international) within this chapter; coordination of the roles of regional agencies; the bulk of the finance text; and the suggestion that the international donor community should only supplement national efforts for sustainable development. Also to be resolved are suggestions on the need to diversify exports and reduce SIDS dependence on single commodities, references to the need to protect intellectual property rights, and the nature of a focal point within the Department of Policy Coordination and Sustainable Development (DPCSD) to oversee and coordinate UN system implementation of the outcomes of the Barbados Conference and determine how to relate the programme of action to the work of the CSD.