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The Secretariat will be busy in the coming months preparing for the General Assembly, the possible second PrepCom, and the Conference itself. One of the Secretariat's most daunting tasks is the preparation of the report containing relevant information on donor activities in support of sustainable development in small island developing States, as requested in document A/CONF.167/PC/L.7. This report, which is supposed to include information on a sectoral level provided by UN and other intergovernmental agencies, donor countries and NGOs, must be completed by January 1994. The Joint Planning Unit in the DPCSD will bear the brunt of the responsibility for putting this report together. The Secretariat still has to determine a mechanism for soliciting and incorporating input from NGOs and non-UN agencies. In order to complete the task requested of it, the Secretariat expects to tax available personnel and budgetary resources.

In preparation for the Conference itself, the Secretariat will have a second planning mission to Barbados later this year. They are also working with UNDP to establish an electronic mail link between the Conference Secretariat, UNDP and the National Planning Committee in Barbados.