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The organizations and agencies of the UN system are already involved in implementing several aspects of the Programme of Action or are in the process of developing plans and programmes to do so. These activities have been outlined comprehensively in the report of the Secretary-General submitted to the General Assembly, "Action taken by the organs, organizations and bodies of the United Nations system to implement the Programme of Action for the Sustainable Development of Small Island Developing States" (A/49/425). There are several substantive areas of the Programme of Action where the UN organizations do not appear to make specific contributions. These are the areas of transport and communications, tourism, and energy resources. Additional effort will need to be made by relevant organizations to formulate and undertake activities in these substantive areas if the aims and objectives of these parts of the Programme of Action are to be achieved.

A number of agencies, including FAO, UNCTAD, UNEP, Habitat, UNDP and the WMO, have established focal points and other mechanisms to ensure better coordination in the implementation of the Programme of Action. In addition to reviewing existing initiatives to ensure that they have an island component, there are several new initiatives. UNDP has proposed to implement two Capacity 21 projects in the Pacific and Caribbean regions aimed at promoting capacity building in both the governmental and non- governmental sectors. UNCTAD recently completed a paper that sets out a framework for action for island States to deal with the unique trade problems they confront. UNEP and Habitat have also jointly developed a number of new initiatives to support the Programme of Action, including case studies on the vulnerability of small island developing States to the effects and socio- economic implications of climate change and sealevel rise; technical assistance on waste management; and the establishment of national and sub-regional Geographical Information Systems.

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