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The Programme of Action also requested UNDP to prepare a feasibility study on a technical assistance programme for SIDS in order to promote inter- and intraregional cooperation. The feasibility study is contained in document A/49/459. UNDP held extensive consultations with SIDS, relevant subregional institutions, DPCSD and within UNDP to develop the content and orientation of SIDS/TAP. In essence, SIDS/TAP is seen as providing the framework for technical cooperation among the SIDS and as a mechanism for operationalizing the Programme of Action.

It was agreed that SIDS/TAP: should be managed by the SIDS themselves; should not duplicate existing technical assistance programmes but should build upon such programmes; and should not result in the creation of new institutions. The amount required to assist the SIDS in setting up SIDS/TAP is US$915,000 for its main activities: identification and designation of national/ subregional focal points; convening of a SIDS/TAP national focal points meeting; completion of a directory of institutions and experts/scholars; determination of specific technical cooperation requirements to implement the Programme of Action; assessment of the capacities of SIDS; assessment of the management and reporting arrangements for the SIDS/TAP Fund; and monitoring and evaluation. The cost of implementing the SIDS/TAP substantive activities is US$5.6 million.