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The Working Group then adopted the report of the meeting (UNEP/CBD/BSWG/1/L.1 and Add.1 and Add.2), a compilation of views expressed at BSWG-1 as well as the two recommendations to COP-3. The report also identifies information required to guide future deliberations of the Working Group.

Delegates then listened to brief closing statements. A statement by Svend Auken, Danish Minister of Environment and Energy, was read out by the Deputy Minister, stating that the main objective of the Aarhus meeting — to contribute to a good start of a very important but difficult negotiation process — had been carried out in a constructive atmosphere.

The Chair of the Working Group, Veit Koester, thanked all delegations for heeding his advice to relax and work together in a cooperative spirit. He stated that his task had not been too difficult, and thanked everyone for helping to create a non-confrontational atmosphere. Koester then adjourned BSWG-1 at 1:30 pm on Friday, 26 July 1996.