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The 17-member Informal Drafting Group (IDG) included governmental, local government and NGO representatives. It was charged with preparing the documentation for PrepCom III and met twice. The first meeting from 17-21 July 1995 was held in Nairobi, where the fourth part of the GPA dealing with strategies for implementation was drafted. The IDG draft focused on: adequate shelter for all; sustainable human settlements in an urbanizing world; capacity building and institutional development; international cooperation and coordination; and tracking progress and impact evaluation. The draft was circulated to UN Member States, NGO networks and others, and was revised.

The second meeting of the IDG met in Paris from 9-14 October 1995. Delegates reviewed the revised draft and made progress on the text, but deferred a number of matters to PrepCom III, including the principle that deals with the family. The IDG did not submit a draft text on some points, including international financial assistance, housing rights and institutional follow-up.