Highlights and images for 31 May 2021

Moon Jae-In, President, Republic of Korea

Moon Jae-In, President, Republic of Korea

The final day of the P4G Seoul Summit 2021 began with five thematic breakout sessions, on water, energy, agriculture, cities, and the circular economy. This was followed by a Leaders’ Dialogue and a Closing Ceremony to adopt the Seoul Declaration.

Thematic Sessions

The thematic session on carbon-neutral smart water management for climate resilience discussed good water governance in the context of carbon neutrality, and promoted partnerships and collaboration to achieve carbon-neutral water management. Participants discussed the use of innovative technologies and partnerships to reduce emissions while meeting the world’s energy needs, as well as the role of green hydrogen, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and enabling policy environments for achieving these goals.

Jennifer Sara, World Bank

Howard Bamsey, Chair, Global Water Partnership (GWP)

K. Lee, youth panelist, poses a question to Howard Bamsey, GWP, during the water session

The session on a greener planet with innovative energy solutions addressed low-carbon energy solutions to contribute to carbon-neutral growth. Participants discussed innovative technologies and partnerships being used to reduce emissions while meeting the world’s energy needs and the role of green hydrogen, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and enabling policy environments for achieving these goals.

Moon Sung-wook, Minister for Trade, Industry, and Energy, Republic of Korea

Michael Bloomberg, former New York City Mayor

The resilient and sustainable agriculture and food systems thematic session explored strengthening and developing partnerships to enhance effective cooperation in the agriculture and food sectors. Participants shared experiences on efforts to support farmers, including in accessing finance, and addressed food loss and waste, particularly in the context of improving resilience and lowering emissions in the food system.

The thematic session on partnerships for smart and resilient green cities discussed the role of smart cities for green recovery, carbon neutrality and climate crisis responses. Participants highlighted innovations for energy efficiency in transport and buildings, best practices and lessons learned, and the importance of PPPs and P4G for creating sustainable, carbon-neutral cities.

Jorge Paulo Carneiro Saraiva, Marclae Street Patrols, Brazil

The session on circular economy measures towards a zero-waste society addressed the latest global efforts, actions and innovations in the circular economy, with a special focus on zero waste. Participants highlighted the importance of circular business models, recycling, sustainable fashion and manufacturing.

Evangelos Gidarakos, President, International Waste Working Group

Amy Jadesimi, CEO, Lagos Deep Offshore Logistics Base, Nigeria

Wanjira Mathai, Vice President and Regional Director for Africa, World Resource Institute (WRI)

Leaders’ Dialogue and Closing Ceremony

The Leaders' Dialogue featured Heads of State and leaders sharing their national experiences for achieving an inclusive green recovery and carbon neutrality by 2050, and using PPPs to strengthen climate action.

  • Mark Rutte, Prime Minister, the Netherlands, suggested moving from carbon neutrality to climate neutrality.
  • Phạm Minh Chính , Prime Minister, Vietnam, said green recovery, green economy and circular economy must be pursued at the national and regional levels under the framework of the SDGs.
  • John Kerry, US Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, urged investing in resilience for an inclusive recovery and using technologies currently available to achieve the net zero target by 2050.
  • Hun Sen, Prime Minister, Cambodia, called for continuing to promote and support the principle of globalization through openness to international trade, for enhanced economic growth.
  • Francisco Sagasti Hochhausler, President, Peru, called for the intellectual property regime to be reviewed with regard to health and energy.

Special Presidential Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, US

The Leaders adopted the Seoul Declaration without amendment. The Declaration underscores inclusive green recovery, the importance of PPPs and the role of youth.

Iván Duque Márquez, President, Colombia, as host of the next P4G Summit in 2023, expressed hope that the Summit will continue to trigger new action so all members of business and civil society will accept the need to address climate change.

Urging everyone to “act now for a green future,” Moon Jae-in, President, Republic of Korea, closed the Summit at 11.40 pm Korean Standard Time (KST).

Moon Jae-In, President, Republic of Korea

Iván Duque Márquez, President, Colombia

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