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August 3rd, 1995

by Anne S. Walker


1. Shipping Materials to Beijing: Since sending out Faxnet #20 on June 30, 1995, we have been informed of the following, which adds to and changes some of the procedures previously outlined. It is still strongly recommended that you bring materials with you as accompanied baggage, but if you are shipping, your shipping agent should use the following China Organizing Committee (COC) accredited Customs Agent/ Freight Forwarder: Beijing Kang Jie Kong Cargo Agent Co. Ltd, No-25 Dong Sang Huan, Zhong Road, Beijing, CHINA. Attn. Mr. Michael Wang, Director for Northern China, Northern China Direct.

Put your organization name and registration number on the label with the following address: Administration and Finance Committee Office of the China Organization Committee for the NGO Forum on Women, Huairou, De Sheng Men Wai Liu Pu Kang, No. 3 Qu, No. 9 Lou (Building), Beijing 100011, CHINA. Contact: Mr Li Yinzong. Tel: (86-10) 238-3687. Fax: (86-10) 238-5341. After the shipment is done, send an original shipping list, detailed list and invoice by speed mail to the Administration and Finance Committee Office listed above. A copy of these documents should also be faxed to the Customs Agent/Freight Forwarder, who will claim goods for you and deliver them to Huairou at the COC designated warehouse at the Forum site (i.e. the Petroleum Building, where you will also be going to get your Forum Identity Pass).

2. IWTCUs Beijing Package: Two Special Beijing Issues of The Tribune on (#52 and #53) are now available in Spanish and French as well as English, along with Issue No 4 of Preview T95. Number 6 in the Preview T95 series will be known as Postview T95 as it will be produced following the meetings in Beijing, We hope to be able to make this issue available also in the three languages. For the French translations, we thank Alternatives in Montreal, and CIDA. The Tribune #54, the third of the Special Issues on Beijing, will be available in English in the next couple of weeks, along with Preview T95 #5. Unfortunately there is not sufficient time to have these two publications translated into Spanish and French. The complete Beijing Package (3 issues of The Tribune and 6 issues of Preview T95) costs US$22 from IWTC. Individual copies cost $3.

3. Issue Network Faxes: Some issue networks which are undertaking major programmes at the NGO Forum on Women have requested permission to fax information out to the Global Faxnet constituency. IWTC has made arrangements for these organisations with our fax broadcasting service, and a once-only code number will direct their fax to the 500+ groups in more than 85 countries that are now part of Global Faxnet. These organizational faxes will be charged directly to that group and will not be paid for by Global Faxnet. The first of these will be a page of information related to the programme being organized by the Decade for Human Rights Education.

4. Hotel Confirmation: We would very much like to know if any of you out there have:1) received your hotel confirmation letters from the China Organizing Committee; 2) filed your visa applications with your local China Consulate; 3) actually received a visa for China. It is of enormous concern that hotel confirmation letters, necessary for visa applications, have not as yet been received by the vast majority of registered participants to the NGO Forum on Women. We here at IWTC have not received ours either, but one or two of us have had our shots!