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The NGO Forum

If you would like for us to provide a link to your information or post your information here, send mail to [email protected])
We have posted " The Declaration by Green Women in Preparation for the Beijing Conference "

Here is information on WEDO's "180 Days" campaign.

Marjorie Lightman of the International League for Human Rights has written an article called The Unspoken Debate.

The Gossip Gospel will be a multimedia performance to take place at the Women's Forum

On 25 May 1995, Irene Santiago, Executive Director of the NGO Forum on Women, gave a press conference. She said that the NGO Forum is not calling for a boycott and discussed the NGO Forum's plans. We have posted a copy of the press release.

On 5 June the NGO Forum issued an Information Update regarding NGO Forum Status.

We have a earlier report from the NGO Committee, following their trip to Beijing.

The International Women's Tribune Center provides the Global FaxNet/GlobalNet service. The most recent issues include:

Faxnet #25 - 25 July: NGO Forum begins posting to APC networks

Faxnet #24 - 18 July: An Update on the Huairou Site

Faxnet #23 - 17 July: Activities data base to go on-line; information on the Human Rights Watch brochure

Faxnet#22 - 13 July: Tidbits of information

Faxnet #21 - 6 July: About Hotel Confirmation Forms, deadlines and other related matters

Assorted On-Line Resources collected by the IWTC- 6 July

Faxnet #18 Correction: 6 July: On-line resources

Faxnet #20 - 29 June: Selling books at the Forum and how to ship materials

Faxnet #19 - 29 June: a) Forget what we said yesterday about the hotel form; b) What women acheived in the Forum site negotiations.

Faxnet #18 - 28 June: Information on the Hotel Form (but read Faxnet #19 before you do anything)

Faxnet #17 - 15 June: a) Information on the new hotel form and visa requirements; b) mixed feelings over the site decision.

Faxnet #16 - 9 June: a) Organizers gain NGO Forum consession; b) major points of the agreement

Faxnet #15 - 8 June: on the UN Secretary General Kittani's trip to Beijing