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IWTC GlobalNet

News and developments about the Fourth World Conference and NGO Forum on Women

The Global FaxNet/GlobalNet is coordinated by the International Women's Tribune Centre (IWTC). It builds upon the original WOMENET fax network of 28 regional women's media networks and has added many others in the worldwide mobilization effort around the NGO Forum site change.. The Global FaxNet/Global Net currently reaches over 450 groups or information multipliers via fax and email.

The project aims to alert women to issues related to the plans and preparations for Beijing and to mobilize action at the local, national, regional and international levels.

The most recent issues include:

Faxnet #32 - 23 August: China denies visas and information on daily caucuses

Faxnet #31 - 18 August: Hotel Confirmation Letters, FWCW Information, More IWTC Publications and Help Wanted!

Faxnet #30 - 11 August: Hotel Confirmation letters and for those who will not be in Beijing

Faxnet #29 - 5 August: Update on Registrations, Hotel Confirmations and Visas.

Faxnet #28 - 3 August: Shipping information, Issues of The Tribune and request for feedback if you have received your COC hotel confirmation letter.

Faxnet #27 - 28 July: Rumors following Beijing Press Conference

Faxnet #26 - 26 July: IWTC Places NGO Activity List Online

Faxnet #25 - 25 July: NGO Forum begins posting to APC networks

Faxnet #24 - 18 July: An Update on the Huairou Site

Faxnet #23 - 17 July: Activities data base to go on-line; information on the Human Rights Watch brochure

Faxnet#22 - 13 July: Tidbits of information

Faxnet #21 - 6 July: About Hotel Confirmation Forms, deadlines and other related matters

Assorted On-Line Resources collected by the IWTC- 6 July

Faxnet #18 Correction: 6 July: On-line resources

Faxnet #20 - 29 June: Selling books at the Forum and how to ship materials

Faxnet #19 - 29 June: a) Forget what we said yesterday about the hotel form; b) What women acheived in the Forum site negotiations.

Faxnet #18 - 28 June: Information on the Hotel Form (but read Faxnet #19 before you do anything)

Faxnet #17 - 15 June: a) Information on the new hotel form and visa requirements; b) mixed feelings over the site decision.

Faxnet #16 - 9 June: a) Organizers gain NGO Forum consession; b) major points of the agreement

Faxnet #15 - 8 June: on the UN Secretary General Kittani's trip to Beijing

**Where to find IWTC.GlobalNet**

All GlobalNet alerts will also be posted in the following conferences/lists:

APC conferences

Mailing lists

If you subscribe to beijing95-l or to beijing-conf, please let us know and we can remove your name from the list. If not, you will receive the alerts twice.

If you are on an APC-affiliated conference and wish to browse the alerts there instead of receiving them in your mail box, please let us know and we will remove your name from the list.

If you have questions or concerns about the list or how it works, you can contact IWTC at <[email protected]> or call us at 212-687-8633.

**Receiving previous GlobalNet alerts**

Most globalnet alerts have been posted to the APC conferences and lists mentioned above. We are working on finding a single place (perhaps a gopher site or World Wide Web site) to put all the alerts for easy reference. We will let you know when this is set-up.

**Responding to or commenting on GlobalNet alerts**

We ask that you please send comments or responses to the GlobalNet alerts to either the APC conferences in which they appear or to one of the two Beijing-related lists. This way more people can benefit from your ideas- and it will save us lots of time and energy.

Thanks!!! We look forward to hearing from you!!

IWTC Information '95 team:

Anne S. Walker

Joan Ross Frankson

Pauline Tamesis

Alice Mastrangelo Gittler

information services for '95

International Women's Tribune Centre

777 United Nations Plaza

New York, New York 10017 USA

telephone: 212-687-8633

fax: 212-661-2704

email: [email protected]