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Biodiversity Action for and by the Global South

Given the combined strength of countries from the global South to cooperate and collaborate in securing the future of this Planet, this event discussed opportunities for enhancing inter and intra-regional cooperation to realize the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.
Event 18 December 2022

Green and Blue Finance Solutions: The Road to a Sustainable Belize

This side event presented a range of solutions for conservation and sustainable management and use of biodiversity in Belize, emphasizing integrated approaches in the implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity toward common objectives and financing solutions. 
Event 17 December 2022

Biodiversity and the Energy Revolution

Releasing the results of a book on Biodiversity and Revolution of Energy and Electric Power, this forum addressed the unsustainable, fossil fuel-dominated pattern of energy development as a major underlying issue and contributor to the biodiversity crisis.
Event 16 December 2022