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6th Meeting of the Subsidiary Bodies for Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) of the 
Convention on Biodiversity (CBD)

Montreal, Canada 12-16 March 2001


Previous days' multimedia coverage of  SBSSTA-6 
(photos and RealAudio)


Highlights from Tuesday, 13 March 2001

Delegates to the sixth meeting of the Subsidiary Body for Scientific, Technical and Technological Advice (SBSTTA) to the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) met in two working groups during the day. Working Group I (WG-I), focusing on invasive alien species (IAS), heard presentations and discussed: an integrated approach to IAS; prevention, early detection and incursion response; and options for future work. Working Group II (WG-II) discussed scientific assessments and the Global Taxonomy Initiative (GTI).

Left photo: Delegates from Canada, Norway and Germany during the CBD Strategic session

WORKING GROUP I:  Invasive Alien Species

Nirmalie Palewatta, University of Columbo (Sri Lanka)
, highlighted IAS' role in the CBD's thematic areas, islands, polar regions, Mediterranean habitats and mountains. She listed gaps in knowledge including: short/long-term and cumulative impacts; extent and rate of spread; country baselines; and taxonomy


Marcos Silva, CBD Clearing-house Mechanism (CHM), (Left)
highlighted information needs and recommended, inter alia: inter-relating various data types; creating national and regional biodiversity information networks; developing public awareness initiatives, specialist centers and capacity building programmes; improving access to information; creating inventories of experience, expertise and tools; and improving prediction capacity.

Listen to the Marcos Silva's (CBD CHM) plenary presentation about regional biodiversity information networks.


Prevention, Early Detection and Incursion Response: 

John Hedley (New Zealand)
presented a case study on New Zealand's biosecurity regime.

Options for Future Work:

Regarding the guiding principles, the SEYCHELLES, supported by Rosa Kambou of PAPUA NEW GUINEA (Left), called for clear prioritization of the needs of isolated ecosystems to reflect language in COP Decision V/8.


requested that dry and semi-dry land areas be included in the work programme. Left photo: Pedro Ivo (Portugal) making an intervention during a session in WG II.

represented by Esther Camac emphasized gender balance and inclusion of indigenous experts


INDIA noted interrelation of needs assessments and targeted actions and supported taxonomic reference collections.


Luncheon Presentation on Climate, Biodiversity, and Protected Areas:

In cooperation with The World Commission on Protected Areas, World Conservation Union (IUCN), World Resources Institute (WRI), Conservation International (CI), World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and the Nature Conservancy

David Shepppard (IUCN)
moderated the presentation and a brief introduction about the topic. The speakers include Kenton Miller (WRI) who presented a brief on the Ecosystems, Protected Areas, and People Project. He was followed by Mohamed Bakkar (CI) and Walter Lusigi

Listen to the ENB coverage of the presentation in RealAudio:

Introduction by David Sheppard

Presentation by Kenton Miller

Presentation by Mohamed Bakarr

Update on preparations for the 5th World Protected Areas Congres in South Africa by Walter Lusigi

Question Period


Real Forests or "Kyoto Forests": 

Presentation on the Global Forest Coalition briefing on the potential implications of the Climate Change negotiations for Biodiversity and Indigenous peoples

Memorandum of Co-Operation (MOC) signed between the CBD and the Bern Convention:

Right photo: (L-R) Hamdallah Zedan (CBD Executive Secretary) signs an MOC with the Bern Convention represented Eladio Fernandez-Galiano and witnessed by Patrick Klaveren (Monaco)

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