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Tenth session of the Intergovernmental Negotiating Committee for an International Legally Binding Instrument for the Application of the Prior Informed Consent Procedure (PIC) for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade (INC-10)

Geneva, Switzerland; 17-21 November 2003

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Highlights for Friday, 21 November 2003

On Friday, 21 November, delegates convened for the closing Plenary and to adopt the report of INC-10 (UNEP/FAO/PIC/INC.10/L.1 and UNEP/FAO/PIC/INC.10/L.1/Add.1). The INC conducted a paragraph-by-paragraph reading of the report, making a number of editorial changes and amendments to the content. Following this, the INC adopted the report of INC-10 by acclamation. After the consideration of the report several delegates made closing statements, congratulating Chair Rodrigues and the Secretariat for their effectiveness and contributions to the successful outcome of INC-10. Delegates also thanked the Government of Switzerland for hosting INC-10.

Above photo L-R: Niek van der Graaf, Joint Executive Secretary of the Interim Secretariat (FAO), Chair Celina de Azevedo Rodrigues, Jim Willis, Joint Executive Secretary of the Interim Secretariat (UNEP) 


Noting that INC-10 was the last major substantive session of the INC, Chair Maria Celina de Azevedo Rodrigues thanked delegates for their constructive contributions, and Joint Executive Secretary Jim Wills commended the number of decisions adopted by delegates.

The Gambia
for the African Group, welcomed the recognition of African countries' concerns regarding technical assistance and capacity building, and noted the importance of a separate trust fund for technical assistance. Above photo: Fatoumata Ndoye (the Gambia).

Egypt for the Arab region, stressed the need to address technical assistance before concluding issues of non-compliance. Above photo: Tarek Eid Mohamed Mahmoud El Ruby (Egypt).

The EU said it was looking forward to COP-1 and to the opportunity for implementing the Convention and safeguarding human health and the environment from the harmful impacts of certain hazardous pesticides and chemicals. Above photo: Italian delegation. 

Chair de Azevedo Rodrigues gaveled the meeting to a close at 1:20 pm.

PIC-10 ENB Team: 



Above photo L-R: ENB's Noelle Eckley, María Gutiérrez, Angeles Estrada, Kaori Kawarabayashi, Yaël Ronen and Cathy Ganzleben.

Above photo L-R: Richard Sherman and Angeles Estrada.  


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