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Second meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC)
6-10 November 2006 | Geneva, Switzerland

ENB Summary

November 2006
Daily highlights:
Monday, 6 Nov - Tuesday, 7 Nov - Wednesday, 8 Nov - Thursday, 9 Nov - Friday, 10 Nov

POPRC-2 Highlights: Thursday, 9 November 2006

On Thursday, Chair Reiner Arndt (Germany) announced that POPRC-3 will be held from 19-23 November 2007, in Geneva, Switzerland, and that the Committee will host a side event at COP-3 to disseminate information about its work.

The Committee adopted the draft work plan for the intersessional preparation of a draft risk management evaluation and a draft risk profile. It also adopted draft decisions on PFOS, penta-BDE, lindane, chlordecone, pentachlorobenzene, alpha-HCH and beta-HCH.

The draft decision on HBB was deferred until a general discussion on information requests tomorrow. Discussions on the draft decisions relating to SCCPs and to octaBDE were also postponed. Delegates decided the precursors of PFOS warranted further consideration, with any decision to be taken at POPRC-3.

The IISD Reporting Services (IISD RS) summary report of POPRC will be available online on Monday, 13 November 2006.

L-R: Allan Jones, WCC, and Robert Campbell, Bromine Science and Environmental Forum, discussed the need to refer to pentaBDE as commercial pentaBDE in the draft risk profile.
Henk Bouwman (South Africa), Chair of the contact group on lindane, reported on the group's deliberations, noting that the draft risk profile had been updated with additional information
Leena Yla-Mononen (UK) noted the lack of mammalian ecotoxicity data for HBB.
Mohammad Aslam Yadallee (Mauritius) reported on the work of the contact group on SCCP.
Daily highlights:
Monday, 6 Nov - Tuesday, 7 Nov - Wednesday, 8 Nov - Thursday, 9 Nov - Friday, 10 Nov
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