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Third meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC-3)
19-23 November 2007 | Geneva, Switzerland
Summary Report
November 2007
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Daily highlights:
Monday, 19 Nov - Tuesday, 20 Nov - Wednesday, 21 Nov - Thursday, 22 Nov - Friday, 23 Nov

Highlights for Thursday, 22 November 2007

The third meeting of the Persistent Organic Pollutants Review Committee (POPRC-3) to the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants (POPs) convened for its fourth and penultimate day on Thursday 22 November in Geneva, Switzerland.

In the morning, POPRC-3 heard reports from the contact groups and the drafting groups.

POPRC-3 then reached agreement on the risk management evaluation (RME) and draft decision for chlordecone. Delegates subsequently broached discussions on the output from the contact groups on lindane and perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS).

In the afternoon, POPRC-3 considered many issues. On endosulfan, POPRC-3 agreed to suspend the consideration of endosulfan and resume it at POPRC-4, on the understanding that this should not set any precedents. POPRC-3 also finalized draft decisions and RMEs on hexabromobiphenyl (HBB), and draft decisions and risk profiles on alpha hexachlorocyclohexane (alpha-HCH), beta hexachlorocyclohexane (beta-HCH).  On PFOS, the Committee discussed the inclusion of PFOS-fluoride (PFOSF) in its listing recommendation. On pentabromodiphenyl ether (pentaBDE), they deferred listing either BDE-47 and BDE-99 or listing BDEs with four and BDEs with five bromines.

A small drafting group met to write a rationale for the listing of PFOSF and another drafting group continued to discuss short chained chlorinated paraffins (SCCPs).

Jianxin Hu, China, requested the inclusion of his country’s use of lindane in agriculture in the Risk Management Evaluation, but did not request the exemption recommendation be extended to agricultural use. (Picture credit, IPEN).

Bo Wahlström, Sweden, introduced the draft Risk Management Evaluation and draft decision on PFOS, explaining that as a result of contact group deliberations the draft RME had undergone substantial changes. (Picture credit, IPEN).

The Secretariat drew participants’ attention to the day’s programme of work.

Chair Arndt held informal discussions with Chris Blunck, an observer from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

In the evening, participants attended a reception hosted by Germany.

Daily highlights:
Monday, 19 Nov - Tuesday, 20 Nov - Wednesday, 21 Nov - Thursday, 22 Nov - Friday, 23 Nov
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