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The Tenth Conference of the Parties to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

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6-17 December 2004, Buenos Aires, Argentina
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More photos from the COP

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Friday, 17 December

At 5.54 am on Saturday morning, 18 December, delegates gathered in the closing Plenary to adopt decisions and conclusions on outstanding agenda items.

COP-10 Vice-President Nikolai Pomoshnikov (the Russian Federation) introduced the proposal on the holding of a Seminar of Government Experts.

India said he could not accept the wording as proposed, and Parties engaged in a lengthy debate, including two informal attempts to provide a solution.

COP-10 President González García (center) consulting with colleagues and advisors

Finally, delegates could agree on a consensus proposal, which notes that the Seminar’s proceedings “will be made available by Secretariat to Parties for their consideration, bearing in mind that this seminar does not open any negotiation leading to new commitments.”

Following further discussions, Parties adopted the Buenos Aires Programme of Work on Adaptation and Response Measures. Parties decided to forward discussions on the Special Climate Change Fund and the least developed countries’ Fund to SBI-22.

At 10.58 am on Saturday morning, COP Vice-President Pomoshnikov gaveled the meeting to a close.

Watch the webcast of the Plenary sessions

UNFCCC Executive Secretary Joke Waller-Hunter
Joaquín Nieto Sáinz, on behalf of global unions representing 200 million unionized workers, supported more ambitious GHG emission reduction goals as long as civil society representatives are involved in the decision-making process
James Wolf, for the Business Council for Sustainable Energy, stressed the importance of market based approaches to encourage GHG emission reductions, and the need to create opportunities for companies from non signatory countries to participate in the global response to climate change

Yu Jie, Greenpeace China, drew attention to devastating floods in China, and urged industrialized countries to provide financial support so that all countries can follow a less carbon-intensive development path
Toshiko Shimizu, Deputy Secretary General, Asian African Legal Consultative

Sheila Watt-Cloutie, for the Inuit Circumpolar Conference, linked climate change to human rights, and suggested that UNEP facilitates a dialog between vulnerable areas, like low lying countries, small island states and arctic people. Osvaldo Girardin, for research and independent organizations stressed the need to open a dialog with policy makers in the world
Imma Mayol, Deputy Mayor, City of Barcelona on behalf of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
Claude Mandil, Executive Director, International Energy Agency

Cristina Narbona, Minister of the environment, Spain
From left: Trigg Talley, US, Mohammed Al-Sabban, Saudi Arabia and Khalid Mohammed Abuleif, Saudi Arabia

Miguel Angel Rementería, Secretary of the Foro del Buen Ayre (FOROBA)

Helen Plume, New Zealand
Kiyotaka Akasaka, Deputy Secretary General, Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development made a statement to Plenary
Eric Bjørnebye, Norway, talking to a delegate from Japan

At 2 am informal consultations were still continuing and the Plenary had not reconvened

Delegates emerge after long consultations

After lengthy informal discussions, Plenary resumed at 5h45.


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