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10 December 1997

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United States Senator John Kerry speaks regarding prospects for US Senate ratification and what level of inclusion the US needs to see from developing countries.
from the Comittee of the Whole
The COW met in the evening of 9 December and adjourned after Chair Estrada introduced a new draft for final consideration by delegates. Here are photographs and highlights from moments before and after the brief meeting. Chair Estrada set a new 6 am deadline to come to an agreement on his new text including Article 3 on QELROs. The Article includes a proposed 5% GHG reduction target using differentiation for Annex 1 parties.
Brazil takes time out to catch up with the news. Brazil first introduced the proposal for a Clean Development Fund which has emerged as a key component in the final draft protocol. It is now known as the Clean Development Mechanism. Togo catches up on the unprecedented coverage of Climate Change politics in the world's media.
  Seychelles' Minister for Community Development, Dolor Ernesta, studies the Chair's new draft protocol. Seychelles is part of AOSIS, sponsors of the most radical proposals on QELROs.  
China has stood firm through the negotiations, reaffirming their right to develop and resisting any new commitments for developing countries. Man of the moment, Chair Estrada speaks to the Chinese delegation just before the meeting begins. Focus on Climate Change - media coverage enables worldwide engagement with the issues and personalities in Kyoto.
Mohamed Ould El Ghaouth (Mauratania) (far left) speaks to Chair Estrada. Mr Mohamed was involved in colourful exchanges during the COW. EU delegation in last minute consultations.
Bo Kjellen (Sweden), veteran negotiator and Chair of the Working Group on Article 4.1, briefs Chair Estrada before the meeting. Kjellen conducted last minute consultations after the COW . UK, Ireland, Australia in a relaxed mood as the negotiations reach their conclusion. Ireland will be allowed to increase their emissions within the European Union "bubble".
US, G77 (Tanzania) and Chair Estrada conduct an impromptu trilateral. Luiz Gylvan Meira Filho (Brazil) Chaired the Working Group on the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM). He reports to Chair Estrada on the status of the group's negotiations. The CDM now enjoys an article of its own in the new draft - Article 14.