Twentieth Session of the Subsidiary Bodies to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change
Bonn, Germany, 16-25 June 2004 

United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change



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Saturday 19 June 2004


Above photo: The dais of In-Session Workshop I with Ajay Mathur (Synergy Global) making a presentation on climate change mitigation.

Above photo: Ajay Mathur (Syneregy Global)


In-Session Workshop I
: Presentations on the relationship of climate change mitigation to other policy and development objectives. 

Left photo: View of the in-session workshop plenary.

Above photo: Sara Scherr (Forest Trends)

Listen to In-Session I presentations by: 
Ajay Mathur (Synergy Global), Sara Scherr (Forest Trends), Yang Hongwei (China Energy Research Institute), Christobal Burgos  (European Commission) and Bob Macgregor (Agriculture-Agri Food Canada)


Above photo L-R: In-session Workshop I dais with Bob MacGregor (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada), 
Cristobal Burgos (European Commission), Yang Hongwei ( China Energy Research Institute) and Sara Scherr (Forest Trends)

In-Session Workshop II: Presentations on case studies on mitigation with a focus on African, Latin American, Eastern European and Asian experience.

Above photo L-R: Sirin Towprayoon (King Mongkut's University) and Igor Bashmakov (Center for Energy Efficiency Russia) preparing for their presentation.

Above photo L-R: Marco Antonio Rondon talked about the carbon sequestration in the Amazon (International Center for Tropical Agriculture) and Stephen Karakezi (African Energy Policy Research Network) presented the potential and benefits of geothermal energy utilization in the Eastern African Region

In-Session Workshop III: 
Climate mitigation and new technologies

Above photo: In-Session Workshop III dais with Bettina Hedden-Dunkhorst giving a presentation on "Technology Innovation and Potential in Agriculture.

Above photo: View of the In-Session Workshop III plenary.

Listen to Edward Rubins' (Carnegie Mellon University) presentation on "Technology Innovation for Climate Mitigation"

Above photo L-R: Gerald Rys (New Zealand Ministry of Forestry and Agriculture), Takashi Tomita (Sharp Corporation Japan) and Teodoro Sanchez-Campos (Intermediate Technology Development Group) 

Contact Groups:

Above photo L-R: Mohamed Mahmoud Ould El-Ghaouth (Mauritania) and Paul Watkinson (France) Co-chairs the Contact Group on "Progress on the Implementation of activities under decision 5/CP.7.

Above photo: Youssef Nassef (UNFCCC) in a conversation with delegates from Ireland during the Contact Group on "Progress on the Implementation of activities under decision 5/CP.7.

Above photo: Delegates from Japan, Australia and Romania waiting to intervene during a session of the Contact Group on Capacity-building 

 Above photo: Delegates from G77/China druing the Contact Group on Capacity-building.

Above photo L-R: Yolando Velasco (UNFCCC) and Capacity-building Contact Group Chair Dechen Tsering (Bhutan)

Above photo: Delegates discussed procedures for submissions of second non-Annex I national communications.

Above photo: S.N. Sok Appadu (Mauritius) (center) chairs the Contact Group on "National communications from Parties not included in Annex I to the Convention" with the assistance of Martha Perdomo (left) and Graham Sem (right) of the Secretariat.

This service was prepared in cooperation with the Climate Change Secretariat

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