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Upcoming Meetings Related to Sustainable Production and Consumption

Commission on Sustainable Development Ad Hoc Open-Ended Working Group on Finance and Consumption and Production Patterns
- 4-8 March
- New York, USA
- For more information please contact Andrey Vasilyev, Division for Sustainable Development; tel: +1-212-963-5949; fax: +1-212-963-4620; e-mail: [email protected]

Fourth Session of the CSD
- 18 April - 3 May 1996
- During the week of 22-26 of April the CSD will have a presentation on the report of the Ad Hoc Working Group on Finance and Consumption and Production Patterns, followed by a panel discussion.

Expert Meeting on Changing Production and Consumption Patterns; the role of governments and the business community.
- February 1996
- Brazil
- Please contact the DPCSD for more information; e-mail: [email protected]

International Experts Meeting on Assessment of Technological Needs for Sustainability
- 5-7 February 1996
- The Hague, Netherlands
- For more information please contact, Ms. Petra Loeff, Ministry of Housing, Physical Planning and Environment, The Netherlands, tel: (31-70) 339-4080; fax:(31-70) 339-1304.

Conference on Sustainable Industrial Development ("Sharing Responsibilities in a Competitive World")
- 22 and 23 February1996
- Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
- This is a high-level conference, organised by the Dutch Ministries of Environment and Economic Affairs. Further information: Maarten de Hoogh (tel. + 31 70 339 4362, fax. + 31 70 339 1293).

Workshop on Sustainable Development. Co-sponsered by the Wuppertal Institute.
- 22-25th August
- Amsterdam, Netherlands
- For updated information see

Conference on Certification and Labelling of Sustainably Prioduced Forest Products
- Scheduled for mid-1996
- For more information please contact the Australian Mission to the UN, tel: +1-212-836-4100; Fax: +1-212-836-4110

Information Techniques in the Path of Sustainable Development
- 10-12 April 1996
- Chile
- For futher information please contact: Dr. Fernando Santiba�ez [email protected]

International Sustainable Development Research Conference
- 18-19 March 1996
- Manchester Conference Centre, UK
For further information please contact: The Conference Manager ERP Environment PO Box 75, Shipley West Yorkshire, BD17 6EZ Tel: +44 (0)1274 530408 Fax: +44 (0)1274 530409

British Council International Seminar - Environmental Technology: new developments and applications Directed by Dr John Merefield and Dr Michael Heath.
- 21st-27th April
- United Kingdom
- Fee: �1,290
- For further details, please contact: International Seminars Department The British Council 10 Spring Gardens London SW1A 2BN Tel: +44 (0)171 389 4154 Fax: +44 (0)171 389 4154 Telex: 8542201 BRICON G

Prior International Meetings on Sustainable Production and Consumption

The Soria Moria Symposium: Sustainable Consumption and Production, 19-20 January 1994, Oslo, Norway

The Soria Moria meeting, chaired by Norwegian Minister of the Environment, Thorbj�rn Berntsen, brought together 40 participants including several high ranking officials from the OECD countries, experts, UN representatives and NGOs. There were also more than 40 observers.

The on-line speeches and reports include:

The summary report will be available soon from the Norwegian Ministry of the Environment.

The Oslo Ministerial Roundtable Conference on Sustainable Production and Consumption, 6-10 February 1995, Oslo, Norway

The Oslo Ministerial Roundtable Conference on Sustainable Production and Consumption was held in Oslo, Norway from 6-10 February 1995. The objective of this meeting was to prepare elements for an international work programme on sustainable production and consumption as mandated by the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

The on-line materials for this meeting include:

The OECD Expert's Seminar on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns, 18-20 December 1994, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

The OECD Expert's Seminar on Sustainable Consumption and Production Patterns produced a summary report that includes tools for changing consumption and production patterns and a conclusion of the discussions.

Facilities for a Sustainable Household, 23- 25 January, 1995, Zeist, the Netherlands

This workshop, Facilities for a Sustainable Household, which was held in Zeist, the Netherlands, from 23-25 January 1995, aimed to identify the facilities (products, services, physical and social infrastructure) necessary to achieve more sustainable patterns of household consumption. The workshop was hosted by the Ministry of Housing, Spatial Planning and the Environment of the Netherlands. The workshop report sets out key arguments and conclusions that arose in the course of group and plenary discussions. This report includes many tables and we have provided a copy of the report in PDF format.

Instrument to Promote Sustainable Consumption and Production, 13-14 December 1994, Stockholm, Sweden

This seminar on the subject of "Instruments to Promote Sustainable Patterns of Consumption and Production" was supported by the Nordic Council and was held in Stockholm, Sweden from 13-14 December 1994. The meeting was intended as a preparatory meeting for the Oslo Roundtable, where past experience and current thinking on the subject in the Nordic countries could be presented and discussed. This report will soon be available on-line.

Workshop on Economic Instruments for Sustainable Development 12-14 January 1995, Pruhonice, Czech Republic

The workshop on Economic Instruments for Sustainable Development, held under the auspices of the UN Commission for Sustainable Development (UNCSD), set-out to initiate and stimulate discussion on the use of economic instruments (EIs) as mechanisms and tools for environmental management. The Chairman's Report outlines the workshop's main findings and recommendations for the use of EIs at the international and domestic level.

ANPED Working Group on Changing Consumption and Production Patterns Meeting

The ANPED Working Group on Changing Consumption and Production Patterns(WG CAP) will meet at the NGO Forum to be held in conjuntion with the Sofia Ministerial Conference, Environment for Europe. 22-24 October.

  • Sustainable Product Campaign - Pilot Project
  • Report from ANPED WG CAP workshops at NGO Forum for 'Environment for Europe' conference in Sofia, 20 - 26 October, 1995
  • Sustainable Product Campaign Workshop
  • Workshop on Ecological tax Reform (ETR)
  • Green Business Policies. What We Can Do About it?
  • Instruments to Sustainable Consumption and Clean Production

    Transition in Transition. Challenges and obstacles in Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production in Central and Eastern Europe

    The report on this subject, written by Darek Szwed (Green Federation, Cracow) will be available prior to the workshop. For a copy of this report by electronic mail, contact Ewa Charkiewicz at [email protected] g or at the Secretariat ANPED WG CAP, Postbus 18185, NL-1001 ZB Amsterdam, tel./fax +31 70 3520 289.