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Interlaken Workshop on
Decentralization in Forestry
Interlaken, Switzerland, 27- 30 April 2004


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Wednesday, 28 April

On Wednesday, 28 April, participants of the Interlaken Workshop separated into 4 groups to attend field trips in the local districts of Rugen-Mürren, Brienz, Boltigen and Emmental. The field trips were organized in order to develop a common understanding on the key issues of the workshop and to facilitate communication between participants.

Workshop participants at the Emmental field trip


RUGEN - MÜRREN: : from government to governance

The topics addressed in this field trip included: the role of local elite and access to resources in the decentralization of forest ownership; the respect of local autonomy as a base for close to nature forest management; capacity building, local people and the role of the forest service; cooperative federalism; and challenging adaptation to globalized conditions.



BRIENTZ: cooperative federalism to fight natural hazards

In Brientz, participants considered the following topics: the integral protection against natural hazards in the Canton of Berne; Brienz Torrents, their history, the potential hazard, projects and responsibilities; and the Brienz Torrents as seen by the people directly concerned.



BOLTIGEN: roles of local community organizations and the cantonal forest service

In Boltigen, participants addressed the following topics: organization and decision making within the community; the roles and cooperation of different actors in governance; planning and monitoring instruments of forest management; and the economic situation.



EMMENTAL farm forests: resource management in privately owned forests

This field trip addressed: emerging issues relating to private forest ownership; the role and responsibilities of a forest division in private forests; the Emmental forests, the cradle of selection of forests; timber wealth, an undervalued and underused resource; and regional management plans.


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