World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower
Antalya, Turkey | 29-31 May, 2007

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Preliminary Events
Sun 27 May
Mon 28 May
World Congress
Tue 29 May
Wed 30 May
Thu 31 May
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Participants Tour Hydropower, Cultural Sites

Participants toured Roman ruins in ancient Side.

On Monday, 28 May, over 100 participants at this week's World Congress on Advancing Sustainable Hydropower, being held in Antalya, Turkey, spent the day on a guided tour of hydropower and cultural sites in the Antalya region.

The tour began with a 75-kilometer trip by motorcoach to the Manavgat Waterfalls on the Manavgat River, upstream from the town of Manavgat, where delegates enjoyed a photo opportunity.

Proceeding inland and uphill, participants enjoyed views of the scenic Manavgat River, soaring mountains, and the remnants of aqueducts dating to the Roman Empire. After climbing a narrow, dirt switchback road, the buses arrived at the top of the 157 meter high Oymapinar Dam. The group were briefed on the dam, which is the highest arc dam in Turkey, and features the largest underground power plant in the country. Completed in 1984, it has a generating capacity of 540 megawatts.

The tour continued a short distance beyond the Oymapinar Dam to a boat landing on the Oymapinar Reservoir, where participants boarded a two-level catamaran for a tour of the reservoir and the spring-fed canyons that lead into it. During the two-hour cruise, the group enjoyed lunch, stunning scenery and good conversation.

Returning to their motorcoaches after the cruise, participants followed the river downstream to the newer but smaller Manavgat Dam, completed in 1987 with an earthfill design, where they were briefed on technical aspects of the dam.

The final stop on the tour was the ancient coastal capital of Side, where delegates viewed ruins including a Roman theater, colonnaded roads, and a temple to Apollo by the old harbor, and explored the town's numerous shops and restaurants.

In the evening, congress participants attended a reception, hosted by the International Hydropower Association, at the Talya Convention Center.

Monday 28 May
Manavgat Waterfalls

L-R: Joe Mulligan, IHA, Kris Momoh, Nigeria, and Njuguna Kyrea, Kenya, chatted.

Deputy Minister Anita Utseth, Norway, chatted with Pravin Karki, IHA.

Wu Haibin, China, snapped a picture of the falls.
Oymapinar Dam

Oymapinar Dam viewed from the access road bridge across the Manavgat River.

The dam arch, as seen from the viewing platform.

Participants were briefed on the specifics of the dam.

Everyone gathered for a group photo.
Cruising on the Reservoir

A scenic canyon view.

The fearless captain.

More scenic canyons.

Participants aboard the cruise, with Rehab Gameel, Sudan, and Teale McFarlane, Hydro Tasmania Consulting, sharing a laugh in the foreground.
Manavgat Dam

Part of the Manavgat Dam switchyard.

The tour briefing included a diagram.

Karin Seelos, Hydro Quebec, chatted with Tormod Schei, Statkraft.

Participants listened to the briefing and took photos.
Ancient Side

The ruins of a colonnaded road leading into ancient Side.

The ruins of the Nymphaeum.

Participants explored the Temple of Apollo.

Part of the Roman Theater.
Around the Tour

The Manavgat River has served the region for 18 centuries, from the Roman aqueduct in the foreground to the modern electric lines and towers which now carry power to population centers from the Oymapinar Dam.
Evening Reception

Participants chatted during the evening reception.

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