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African Regional Consultation of the Consultative Process Towards an International Mechanism of Scientific Expertise on Biodiversity (IMoSEB) 

1-3 March 2007 | Yaoundé, Cameroon

Daily highlights
Summary Report
Daily highlights:
Thursday, 1 March - Friday, 2 March - Saturday, 3 March

Highlights for Saturday, 3 March 2007

On Saturday morning, Babin introduced the draft African regional consultation report for consideration in plenary. Participants were invited to comment on and provide drafting suggestions on the recommendations on needs, options and characteristics of an IMoSEB. Comments included ensuring the report more clearly reflect the African regional context, and chart the development of the IMoSEB throughout the ongoing regional consultation process, as well as indicate participants support for the IMoSEB process and interest in exploring a pilot project for the African region. In closing plenary chaired by Chimère Diaw, Thomas Dongmo, Ministry for Higher Education, spoke on behalf of Madeleine Tchuente, thanking participants for their hard work and endorsing the prospect of African pilot project.

Chair Diaw explained that the report of the African regional consultation would be revised to incorporate comments and circulated to rapporteurs and moderators for further review.

L-R: Thomas Dongmo, Ministry for Higher Education; and Jacques Weber following the closing plenary.

Jo Molongoy wearing traditional Cameroonian dress, donated by Musa Usman Ndamba, and presented to him by Jacques Weber. L-R: Musa Usman Ndamba; Jo Molongoy; Jacques Weber; Didier Babin, Executive Secretary of the IMoSEB process secretariat; Djamel Echirk, GEF Focal Point and Ministry for Planning and the Environment, Algeria; and Jean Claude Lefeuvre.
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