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Summary and Analysis
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Intergovernmental Preparatory Meeting for the Nineteenth Session of the Commission on Sustainable Development

28 February - 4 March 2011 | UN Headquarters, New York United States of America
Highlights for Wednesday, 2 March 2011

On Wednesday morning, delegates considered the issue of waste management. The session was chaired by CSD Vice Chair Abdelghani Merabet (Algeria), who reflected on the importance of waste management to sustainable development. He raised questions about incentives for waste minimization; strengthening developing country capacity to treat hazardous and other complex wastes; and improving waste-related data quality and reliability. Delegates were then briefed on the Secretary-General’s report on “Policy Options and Actions for Expediting Progress in Implementation: Waste Management” (E/CN.17/2011/6). They also heard three expert panelists give presentations that addressed issues such as moving from waste management to resource management, organic wastes, and solid waste management in developing countries. Following the panel presentations, many delegates made interventions. They spoke about various issues, including the critical importance of the 3Rs (reducing, reusing, recycling) and waste management as an opportunity as well as a problem (for instance, in terms of its potential for job creation and poverty eradication). They also reported on a wide range of domestic actions.

On Wednesday afternoon, the IPM held a session on mining. It was chaired by CSD Vice Chair Andrew Goledzinowski (Australia), who noted the importance of the mining industry for many countries, especially developing countries. While observing the benefits when mining is managed well, he noted the need and potential for further progress with respect to governance, transparency, land rights, human rights, environmental and social impacts, and fair distribution of benefits to citizens. He asked delegates to address the international community’s role in transparency and information disclosure; financial and regulatory options to prevent mining’s harmful impacts; supporting small-scale and artisanal mining, and capacity building. Delegates then heard two presentations from experts focused on artisanal and small scale-mining (ASM). Representatives of governments and Major Groups then made statements. Issues raised included the need for effective governance and sustainable mining practices, potential benefits such as job creation and poverty alleviation, and risks relating to health, biodiversity, and local communities.
Country flags outside the UN Headquarters.
Country flags outside the UN Headquarters.
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Sustainable Development Policy & Practice
Daily highlights (click on the following links to see our daily web pages)
The morning panel on waste management. L-R: Katharina Kummer Peiry, Executive Secretary, Basel Convention; Nikhail Chandavarkar, DSD; Chair Abdelghani Merabet (Algeria); Vivian Pliner, Secretariat; Magnus Bengtsson, Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan; Luis F. Diaz, CalRecovery Inc., USA.
Afternoon panel on mining. L-R: David O'Connor, DSD; Chair Andrew Goledzinowski (Australia); Secretariat support; Gavin Hilson, University of Reading, UK; Roy Maconachie, University of Bath, UK
Cape Verde, for AOSIS, called on the international community to assist SIDS build capacity and supported partnerships for moving towards zero waste.
Leonard S. N. Kalindekafe, Malawi, presents the Intergovernmental Forum on Mining, Minerals, Metals and Sustainable Development's "Mining Policy Framework" as a contribution to CSD 19.
Miguel Antonio Cuesta Zarco, Mexico, highlighted radioactive waste management as an important but sensitive topic.
South Africa said public-private partnerships were welcome but should complement rather than substitute for needed aid and support.
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