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Bangkok, Thailand, 27 - 28 October 2003

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 Highlights for Tuesday, 28 October 2003

Participants at the CSD Regional Implementation Meeting for the Asia and Pacific region heard regional overviews of the state of implementation concerning human settlements and engaged in multistakeholder discussions on this topic. Participants also heard a presentation and exchanged experiences on partnerships for sustainable development. The meeting concluded with the identification of key issues in the areas of water, sanitation and human settlements for the region. The outcomes of this meeting will be reflected in a summary of the key achievements, constraints and proposals of the way forward for the Secretary-General’s report to CSD-12, and a comprehensive regional report that will be made available at CSD-12


Regional Overview of State of Implementation on Human Settlements:

Left photo: Mohammed Aslam Khan, UNESCAP Environment and Natural Resources Development Division, outlined the state of implementation of Agenda 21 and the JPOI with respect to human settlements in the Asia and Pacific region.

Right photo:
Bulat Yessekin (right) described the status and trends in human settlements in Central Asia, noting urban growth and increased migration. John Low (left) discussed human settlements in the urban Pacific. 

Multi-stakeholder discussion:

Left photo: The Republic of Korea stated that while governments have a role to play, human resettlement should NOT be conducted at the expense of human rights.

Right photo:
Underlining the link between rural landlessness and urban migration, Elenita Daño (NGO) representative stressed the need to align urban and rural development policies. She emphasized direct community participation in government interventions, highlighting several successful models from the Philippines.

Right photo:
Himmat Singh (Malaysia) briefed participants on its home-ownership schemes and outlined its minimum standards for housing for the poor.

Left photo: Iran supported the need for new cities, highlighting its urban development strategy of planning for 25-30 new cities in the future.

Partnerships for Sustainable Development:

Left photo: Hiroko Morita-Lou, UN Division for Sustainable Development, outlined the background of WSSD partnerships, highlighting CSD-11 guidelines on partnerships and the CSD Secretariat’s a role in facilitating CSD discussions on partnerships.

Right photo: Kumaras Kalim, (Papua New Guinea) outlined the Dialogue on Water and Climate, which resulted in, inter alia, a joint Caribbean-SIDS programme for action on water and climate and input to the global DWC Synthesis Report.

Identification of Key Issues in Water, Sanitation and Human Settlements:


Left photo:
Bangladesh (left) requested prioritizing the issue of sanitation in the report.

Right photo:
Farmers recommended highlighting the importance of environmentally-friendly appropriate technologies in agriculture.


Left photo: India clarified that economic growth does not offer a solution to slum problems unless it is complemented by appropriate policies.

Right photo: China stressed that everyone has a right to migration and highlighted the need to protect the rights of migrants. Several participants suggested emphasizing the important role of rural development in supporting urban development.

Closing of the Meeting: 

In closing, co-chair Shimuzu noted the fruitful discussions reflecting the diversity of concerns and expressed hope that these voices would be conveyed to UN Headquarters. DESA commended participants on the rich and positive dialogue and expressed hope that CSD-12 would engender similar spirit of discussion. ESCAP noted that the three subregional consultants will produce a three-page summary of the key achievements, constraints and proposals of the way forward for the Secretary-General�s report and a comprehensive regional report that will be made available at CSD-12. The meeting closed at 4:54 pm.

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