Sixth Session of the COP of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification 
Havana, Cuba, 25 Aug.- 5 Sept., 2003




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Gisela Alonso Dominguez, Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (Cuba)

Erik Bjoørnebye, Ambassador (Norway)


Delegates met in morning and afternoon sessions of the CRIC and the CST and in afternoon sessions of the COP and COW. The CST deliberated on traditional knowledge, benchmarks and indicators, early warning systems, the Land Degradation Assessment in Drylands (LADA) and the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment (MA), and on the priority issue of the CST’s programme of work.

The CRIC considered the Global Mechanism (GM) and the review of information on the financing of the CCD’s implementation by multilateral agencies and institutions. The COW considered the outcomes of the WSSD and rule 47 of the Rules of Procedure. The COP elected the Bureau members from the Western European and Others Group in a brief meeting.




GLOBAL MECHANISM: GM Managing Director Per Rydén spoke on the review of the report on activities of the GM, highlighting two evaluations of the GM, and the finalization of its business plan. He outlined several recommendations from the evaluations and lessons learned, underscoring mainstreaming and partnership building as the two pillars of its operational strategy. He urged enhanced collaboration with the Facilitation Committee and monitoring resource flows to the CCD. Pierre Marc Johnson, head of the Secretariat's independent evaluation team, underscored challenges faced by the GM on both the supply and demand sides.

Numerous Parties congratulated the GM for its contribution to implementing the CCD. NORWAY noted that combating desertification has to be a national priority if donors are to provide financial support, and, with CANADA, said the business plan reflected the recommendations from the evaluations. KENYA stressed that the GM should work closely with other agencies on the demand side. CUBA highlighted the importance of traditional knowledge and suggested closer coordination between the GM and the CCD Secretariat.

Mohamed Mahmoud Ould El Ghaouth (Mauritania) Chairman of the CRIC

Charles Basset (Canada) COP-5 president

Rachel A. Arungah, SS. Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Wildlife (Kenya)

Above photo of CRIC podium: (left to right) Pierre Marc Johnson, Per Rydén, Cric Chair Mohamed Mahmoud Ould El Ghaouth; member of the Secretariat; Rapporteur.

Above photos: delegates from Brazil (left), Saudi Arabia (center) and Burundi (right) participating in the morning CRIC meeting

Above photos: CST Chair Valentini ( (left), CST participants in Sala 4 (center); delegate from Saint Lucia making an intervention (right)

A representative of the Sahara and Sahel Observatory (OSS)

Delegate from Iran


CHILE requested that this agenda item be deferred due to the late publishing of the proposal.

BENCHMARKS AND INDICATORS: The SAHARA AND SAHEL OBSERVATORY (OSS) presented its report on monitoring and evaluation systems. Several Parties reported on their national efforts on developing benchmarks and indicators. SAINT LUCIA highlighted the needs of small island developing States. Chair Valentini referred to the added value and visibility given to the CCD by work on benchmarks and indicators, and emphasized the need for a mechanism for experience sharing by Parties.


OUTCOME OF THE WSSD: The G-77/CHINA suggested achieving effective synergy between the CCD and the Commission on Sustainable Development (CSD) Secretariats, and that they launch a dialogue to prepare for the discussion on desertification in the CSD work cycle for 2008-2009. The EU stressed that work under the CCD should take into account the WSSD's outcomes and the Millennium Declaration. The AFRICAN GROUP noted the recognition given by the WSSD to the role of the CCD in fighting poverty and promoting sustainable development. GRULAC called for a focus on water issues.

* Click here for a full text report on today's events

Delegate from Chile

Delegate from Gambia

Above photos of the COW podium: Grégoire de Kalbermatten (far left) Chair Ositadinma Anaedu (Nigeria) and UNCCD Secretariat Massimo Candelori of Italy (far right)

Above photos of today's COW session: Delegate from Kyrgyzstan (left); participants in plenary (center); delegate from Indonesia (right)



Above photos: Chile's Guido Soto of the University of La Serena with Herbert Acquay of the UNDP/GEF (left), Participants exchange information after the GEF workshop (center); Frank Pinto of UNDP/GEF (right)

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