Sixth Session of the COP of the United Nations Convention to Combat Desertification 
Havana, Cuba, 25 Aug.- 5 Sept., 2003




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Moderator Juan Luis Mégera


Delegates met in formal and informal meetings, contact groups, Plenary and an Open Dialogue Session (ODS). The CST met to complete its work regarding the creation of ad hoc panels of experts, future programme of work, other matters, improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the CST, and traditional knowledge. The ODS with NGOs considered water resources management and its relationship to the CCD. In the evening, delegates convened in the CRIC to consider the programme of work for CRIC-3, to elect officers other than the CRIC Chair, and approve the report of the session, including draft decisions for consideration by the COP. Informal consultations on the programme and budget and on the CRIC draft decisions continued throughout the day, while contact groups on the outcomes of the WSSD, were held in the morning, and on Regional Coordination Units (RCUs) in the afternoon.


RCOP President Simeón Negrín welcomed participants and introduced the first theme of ODS, water resources management. CCD Executive Secretary Diallo said participation of civil society in an effective and efficient manner is fundamental for the successful implementation of the CCD. Juan Luis Mérega, Fundación del Sur, Argentina, moderated the dialogue. He highlighted aspects of water resources, including scarcity, pollution, irregular distribution, mismanagement, and privatization.

Listen to:

  • Florent Ouedraogot present: How to combat desertificaton and poverty through rational management of water in arid zones: the case of Burkino Faso
  • Tanvi Arif on a water harvesting project which aims to mobilize communities to manage water resources, secure participation of stakeholders, and repair traditional water points.
  • Clemente Outrage present a case study on the problems of water extraction systems and their rehabilitation in Burkina Faso. He underscored the need to maintain water resources and supplies and to support local communities in repairing wells.
  • Patrice Burger explain that water resources are poorly distributed and that irrigation, agriculture, population pressures, and tourism are increasing water demand in the Mediterranean region.
  • Mounir Bencharig on the importance of water conservation, awareness campaigns, local water committees, and the treatment and reuse of wastewater for agriculture as measures to protect water resources in Algeria’s oases.
  • Paula Duarte present a project in the northwest of Brazil to promote water access to communities in semi-arid areas. She said the project strengthens the participation of civil society; promotes local cultural values; and empowers women. water tanks for communities in the semi-arid North-east of Brazil

President Simeón Negrín then invited participants to comment on the presentations and the theme of the dialogue.

Listen to the interventions of:


In the late night meeting of the CRIC, Chair El Ghaouth noted that Parties had held informal negotiations throughout the day, resulting in consensus draft decisions. Parties approved the draft decisions with minor amendments and forwarded them to the COP for adoption. The draft decisions address: an overall review of the Secretariat’s activities and of the progress made by affected country Parties in implementing the CCD; the review of the policies, operational modalities and activities of the GM; the programme of work of CRIC-3; the implementation of the Bonn Declaration to enhance the implementation of the CCD’s obligations; collaboration with the GEF; and further steps in the implementation of the CCD.

* Click here for a full text report on today's events

COP-6 President Rosa Elena Simeón Negrín (Cuba)

Hama Arba Diallo, CCD Executive Secretary

Florent Ouedraogo, Association des Volontaires pour le Développement (AVD), Burkina Faso

Tanvi Arif, (Scope) Pakistan

Clement Ouedraogo, Eau Vive, Burkina Faso (France)

Patrice Berger, French NGO working on Desertification

Mounir Bencharig, (AREA-ED, Algeria)

Paula Duarte, Paula Duarte, Articulação do Semi-árido do Brasil (Brazil)

Simone Lovera (Friends of the Earth International)

Chilean delegates watch the presentations

Emmanuel and Vore Seck (Senegal) intervene during the open dialogue session

Delegate from France makes an intervention

Ould Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Mokhlair (Mauritania)

A representative from the Group of Experts during the CST session

CST Chair Valentini Finished his work today
Helmut Woehl (Germany) participates in today's CST session
CRIC Podium members during the final session of the CRIC this evening, with Chair El Ghaouth, 3rd from left

Above photos: (left to right) Karen Alvarenga, Paula Duarte, João Otavio Malheiros, Ivete Oliveira, João Bosco Senra (all from Brazil); Gogo Macina Diaye (Senegal); Andrés Planas Lavié (Cuba)

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