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First Session of the Committee for the Review
of the Implementation of the Convention (CRIC1)

Rome, Italy | 11 - 22 November 2002

Thursday 14 |

Delegates to CRIC-1 met in a morning session to continue the scientific and technological thematic review, with presentations from the African region. Following the discussion of issues arising from these presentations, delegates engaged in a general debate identifying conclusions and recommendations stemming from all the presentations on scientific and technical issues over the past two days. In the afternoon session, delegates were presented with case studies from the Latin America and Caribbean region, the Global Mechanism, and the Global Environmental Facility on the final thematic review topic regarding resource mobilization and coordination, both domestic and international, including conclusions and partnership agreements.

Presenting the case study on the rehabilitation of degraded land, Jane Malephane (Lesotho) highlighted her country's efforts to engage youth in environmental management and land rehabilitation initiatives.





Papa Mawade Wade (Senegal) identified various technologies applied in his country, including remote sensing and satellite imagery. He underscored the value of these technologies in: directing farmers to appropriate grazing lands; monitoring and forecasting bushfires; identifying high risk areas; and forecasting yields and the preferable timing of harvests.






Addressing access to appropriate technology, knowledge and know-how, Hassan El Shaer, (Egypt) presented the results of a pilot study using innovative rainwater harvest technology for rural development of semi-desert areas. Identifying positive results from the project, he highlighted: enhanced agricultural productivity; creation of employment opportunities in the tourism, construction, and trade sectors; preservation of indigenous knowledge; and engagement of women in handicraft and animal husbandry activities.


Chair's Summary and General Debate on the Thematic Review presentations.
Identifying matters requiring further dialogue, CRIC Chair Biaou highlighted the following topics:
• ensuring that existing land restoration activities take account of NAP objectives;
• measures taken for the adaptation and integration of projects and activities presented in national development strategies;
• techniques to disseminate the results of research to all stakeholders including those at local levels;
• identification of preventive actions taken to avoid drought;
• the utility of the CST's recommendations in the implementation of measures to combat desertification;
• promoting the practical dissemination of traditional know-how and best practices to policy and decision-makers;
• the role of traditional knowledge in the drafting of NAPs; and
• establishing a mechanism to ensure access to technology transfer and financing is available to stakeholders.






Melchiade Bukuru (CCD Secretariat) introduced the role of the GEF in mobilizing and coordinating resources for addressing land degradation and desertification. Referring to the decision by the GEF Assembly to designate land degradation as a focal area of the GEF, he said that a landmark had been reached in the process of enhancing financial support for implementation of the CCD.


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